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Tunisia’s Ahmed Hafnaoui’ the First African to win a Gold Medal at the Tokyo Olympics 2021


Ahmed Hafnaoui pulled off one of the most unexpected performances at the Tokyo Olympics 2021. After arriving in Tokyo with a time that was 15th fastest in the field, Hafnaoui only qualified for the final in eighth place, putting him in the less favorable outside lane eight of the finals.

The slowest swimmer in the field, he had qualified for the event; but, he burst on the home stretch and managed to overtake all of his competitors at the Tokyo Olympics 2021, swimming a stunning closing 50 meters to tap the wall in the first place. It was three seconds faster than his personal best to win the race with a time of three minutes and 43.36 seconds.

The young man, who is the son of basketball player and Tunisian national team member Mohamed Hafnaoui, chose swimming as a sport as a result of his father’s influence. swimming is wonderful for your health and for strengthening your body,” he explains. “He encouraged me to give it a try.”

The athlete from Tunisia began swimming when he was six years old when his father Mohammed registered him in a swimming club after passing by a pool on their way to work one day. In the intervening twelve years, he has earned his country’s fifth Olympic gold medal, which he dedicated to his family as well as to continuing the tradition of Oussamma Mellouli, who was the country’s first Olympic gold medalist.

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During the African Championships, which were held in Algiers, Algeria, Hafnaoui swam in the 800 meters and 1500 meter freestyle events, as well as the 4×100 and 4×200 meter relays. During the competition, he finished third in the 800-meter freestyle (8:08.74), third in the 1,500-meter freestyle (15:45.46), third in the 4×100-meter men’s freestyle (3:27.92), and second in the 4×200-meter freestyle (4:22.48). (7:31.55).

The 200-meter, 400-meter, and 800-meter freestyle events were among the events Hafnaoui competed in at the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He finished eighth in the 400-meter freestyle with a time of 3:55.94 and seventh in the 800-meter freestyle with a time of 804.43 at the competition.

Hafnaoui competed in the 400-meter freestyle and 1500 meter freestyle events at the World Championships Short Course in Hangzhou, China. He finished 19th in the 400-meter freestyle with a time of 3:45.98 and 17th in the 1500 meter freestyle with a time of 1502.25.

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His performances at the World Junior Championships were highlighted by fourth-place finishes in the 800-meter freestyle and sixth-place finishes in the 1500 meter freestyle. Hafnaoui was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. He competed in the 400-meter freestyle, 800-meter freestyle, and 1500-meter freestyle events in Budapest, Hungary.


During the Tokyo Olympics 2021, in Japan, Hafnaoui swam in the 400-meter freestyle and finished first with a time of 3:43.36, which was a personal best.

In addition, he finished joint 10th in the 800-meter freestyle, just missing out on qualifying for the final.




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