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Why Buhari Should Roll Out The Military And Send All Protesters Back Home


Why Buhari Should Roll Out The Military: Nigeria is a very dynamic country, Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the world With the largest concentration of black people, black lives will matter more if Nigeria is rebranded. The past leaders such as Buhari of Nigeria have failed Nigeria. The day Nigeria rises as a black nation then blacks will be seen for their values. Nigeria is the world’s 4th largest democracy. Not many Africa countries have a democracy this matured and established.

Nigerians often forget who or where they are. Nigeria is the dominant economic, military, and cultural regional power. They have tried so many ways to divide Nigeria both diplomatically and economically. They have tried using militant proxies like BOKO HARAM, to destroy every effort at regional economic integration. They have failed in every plan, and just by circumstance a magical opportunity has presented itself, the #EndSARSprotest which they pray leads to a revolt.

Nigeria cannot afford to have a revolution in the midst of the BOKO HARAM insurgency. It is the longest war in the nation’s history and people are calling for the collapse of the government.

The protesters are clueless, any revolt now will lead to not just division but also a worse situation for everybody in Nigeria, a very good example is Libya. Nigeria must be secured first by all means. This is not the time for a revolution.

I support the protest. The older generation leaders such as Buhari have failed generations of Nigerians. There needs to be a change. The protesters need to go to the negotiation table with the government. They say they have no leader, they need a leader. The government can’t negotiate with everybody.

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Even intense negotiation rooms between countries where various delegates are sent, in the long run for both parties to reach a final agreement takes just the involvement of two(2) delegates why because everybody has their own opinion of which we can’t satisfy everybody’s opinion.

I know Nigerians are tired of a lot of wrongs going on in the country. And the way and manner government is going about the settlement doesn’t seem stringent enough that’s why the youth need representative leaders to mediate on their behalf, everybody cant just be shouting end sars end sars on social media without a plan. The youth needs leaders with the voice and mind of the masses because if care is not taken this protest could turn into chaos.

The youth needs to elect their leaders to represent them, then go to the negotiation table and allow those leaders they have chosen represent them. Let your leadership harmonize your demands and articulate them well, then end the protests, there is power in withdrawal.

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Let the meetings be streamed live. Insist on a clear action plan and a roadmap. After that, if there are no actions from the government after a given period of time then fall back into the streets.

Once the government sees this steps taken by the youths, i’ll advise the government to take stringent action that will convince people of a positive change.

Then people will calm down for good. E.g Increase the salaries of the police, probably sack the IGP because the people need a scapegoat, and also take stringent measures to punish any act of indiscipline in the force.


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