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Burna Boy’s “Tested, Approved & Trusted Remix”: A Global Hit?


In an exhilarating fusion of cultures and sounds, Burna Boy, the Nigerian Afrofusion maestro, has unveiled two groundbreaking remixes of his hit song, “Tested, Approved & Trusted,” from the acclaimed album “I Told Them.”

This musical venture brings together the unique talents of Prince Swanny from Trinidad and Tobago and South Africa’s Major League DJz, marking a significant moment in the world of global music collaborations.

A Symphony of Cultures

The collaboration is more than just a remix; it’s a cultural symphony that showcases the rich musical heritages of Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago, and South Africa.

By blending Afrobeat with Caribbean dancehall and the pulsating beats of Amapiano, Burna Boy and his collaborators are setting the stage for a new era of global music.

The Collaborators

  • Burna Boy: The Grammy-winning Nigerian superstar known for his seamless blend of Afrobeat, reggae, and American rap.
  • Prince Swanny: Trinidad and Tobago’s dancehall sensation, renowned for his lyrical prowess and unique style.
  • Major League DJz: The South African twin DJ duo famous for their innovative Amapiano sounds and vibrant beats.

Revitalizing “Tested, Approved & Trusted”

“Tested, Approved & Trusted” has already resonated with fans worldwide, but these remixes aim to take the track to new heights.

With each artist bringing their distinctive flair to the song, the remixes promise to captivate a broader audience and breathe new life into the original track.

Snippet Music Video

Anticipation is building for the new music video accompanying the remixes. This visual feast is expected to be a vibrant showcase of the song’s global appeal, featuring elements from each artist’s cultural background. But in the maintime here’s a snippet video shot by Major League in South Africa

Watch Here: Burna Boy – Tested, Approved & Trusted (Major League DJz Mix) Snippet Video

Why This Collaboration Matters

  • Global Fusion: This collaboration is a testament to the power of music to transcend geographical boundaries and bring cultures together.
  • Innovative Sound: By mixing Afrobeat, dancehall, and Amapiano, the artists have created a sound that’s both fresh and familiar, appealing to diverse musical tastes.
  • Broader Reach: With the combined fanbases of Burna Boy, Prince Swanny, and Major League DJz, the remixes are set to reach an even wider global audience.

In Conclusion

The release of the “Tested, Approved & Trusted” remixes by Burna Boy featuring Prince Swanny and Major League DJz is a monumental event in the music industry, symbolizing the unifying power of music across continents.


  1. Who is Burna Boy?
    • Burna Boy is a Nigerian artist celebrated for his contribution to Afrofusion, a genre blending Afrobeat, reggae, and global sounds.
  2. What is Amapiano?
    • Amapiano is a South African music style that combines deep house, jazz, and lounge music with a lively tempo and percussive basslines.
  3. Why were these particular artists chosen for the remix?
    • Each artist brings a unique element from their cultural background, creating a rich and diverse musical experience.
  4. When can we expect the music video to be released?
    • While a specific release date hasn’t been announced, the music video is expected to drop soon, adding a visual dimension to the auditory experience.
  5. Where can I listen to the remixes?
    • The remixes are available on all major digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.
  6. What makes “Tested, Approved & Trusted” stand out?
    • Its blend of global sounds and the collaboration between artists from different continents make it a standout track.
  7. How has the audience reacted to the remixes?
    • The remixes have been met with enthusiasm, showcasing the global appeal of the artists involved and the universal language of music.



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