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Cristiano Ronaldo: CR7 Hotel Pestana In Marrakech Morocco

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  • Things To do At  CR7 Hotel Pestana In Marrakech Morocco
  • Things To do In Marrakech Morocco

Cristiano Ronaldo in a joint venture with the Pestana group, signs a hotel chain deal with the Portuguese based hospitality giant.   After first launching  CR7 Hotel Pestana in 2016 in both Lisbon and Funchal, the birthplace of the Portuguese star, the third hotel under the CR7 Hotel Pestana brand name is now open in Marrakech Morocco.

Cristiano Ronaldo: CR7 Hotel Pestana In Marrakech Morocco

The new hotel in Marrakech, Pestana CR7 Hotels has chosen an Italian design named Eclettico Design.  The company specializes in luxury and hospitality that, under the guidance of Igor Rebosio and Giuseppe Varsavia, has taken care of the entire interior design concept of the CR7 Hotel Pestana In Marrakech Morocco.

Eclettico Design is a brand of Lombardini22, Milan-based group leader in the architecture and engineering scenario, which operates at an international level and which in Italy ranks 3rd in the ranking of architecture companies based on turnover.

The new CR7 Hotel Pestana In Marrakech Morocco will have 168 rooms, two restaurants, a business center, a fitness center with spa and a complex roof-garden with pool area and sky bar. All this to revitalize the link between tradition and modernity of Morocco.

CR7 Hotel Pestana In Marrakech Morocco is part of a larger masterplan, called M Avenue, which is spread over an area of five hectares and will be proposed as an international destination for design, fashion, leisure and culture in the heart of the important among the imperial cities of Morocco. The development of the new district of excellence is curated by DHC Maròc, Real Estate Company led by Nabil Slitine.


An intervention conceived as an oasis crossed by a 500-meter “garden-avenue” lined with shops, offices, restaurants, cafés, art galleries, exhibition spaces, wellness and business centers, as well as high-end brand residences M Apartments and Four Seasons Private Residences, also designed by Eclettico Design.

The architect Igor Rebosio, Eclettico Design Director, emphasizes: “CR7 Hotel Pestana In Marrakech Morocco proposes itself as a new paradigm of the Lifestyle Hotel: a format that embodies the style of the great Portuguese champion with a sophisticated breath where luxury is expressed in physical and mental well-being within an informal and relaxing atmosphere. Not a sporting experience, therefore, but a life experience that the project’s claim expresses with simplicity and immediacy: Eat well, Sleep well and Train well to enjoy life at the best”.

The hotel concept, in particular, has faced a multiple challenge: interpreting the first international chain “signed” by a sports celebrity recognizing in Pestana CR7 the virtuous agreement between a young and dynamic entrepreneurial Group (Pestana Group Hotel) and the values of discipline sportiness, speed, incisiveness, energy and “healthiness” that the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo expresses; to balance the CR7 input with a transversal philosophy, calibrated on a host who intends sport in general as a lifestyle; finally harmonize everything with the cultural heritage and the figurative heritage of the place.

This multiple order of relationships has been managed through some key factors – differentiation of stylistic themes, attention to detail, integrated wellness in the environment, mixing of functions – and with a selected formal vocabulary made of lines, surfaces, decorative textures, colors, materials and furnishings that communicate a brand declined with varying intensity in different environments.

Intensity outlined in the rooms: where the different typologies are united by the fluidity of movement of taut lines connected in a curve, while functionally they are like “microcosms” for a sporting lifestyle and dedicated to psychophysical wellbeing (integrating, for example, training also in personal space).

A stronger intensity in the common areas, where tradition bursts louder: in the game of portals at the reception; in the ‘Moroccan’ decorations as a texture of lights and shadows projected by custom-made lamps; in some areas of the spa fitness area, with geometric patterns impressed on an innovative mixture of sand and resin thanks to a process of high local craftsmanship.

Cristiano Ronaldo: CR7 Hotel Pestana In Marrakech Morocco

Decorations that are “virtual” and changing in the restaurant area, wherein the different moments of use (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.) guests are accompanied by the projection of vast variable horizons that induce immersive atmospheres. This recourse to the technological effect is also due to the target addressed to CR7 Hotel Pestana In Marrakech Morocco, a Lifestyle Hotel that speaks to a young audience, more leisure than business, and in any case to that segment of millennials educated to blend the boundaries between relaxation, fun, work , good nutrition, tradition and technology in an existential continuum. For this reason, the Concept also includes a dedicated App that can make the user experience an agile, informal and easily interactive service that has the generative potential of a social community.

The local mood continues in the materials, with local stones, woods, fabrics; in the colors, with the light shades, the red and the ocher of Marrakech sandstone, the sand, the lands, the desert; and finally in the green that, generous on the terraces and punctual in the restaurant, penetrates to the subsoil. Here, at the level of the spa and the training center, the central path is like a large garden of light, water and vegetation that conceptually incorporates the “Garden-Avenue” of the central axis of the masterplan, in a game of references between inside and outside , architecture and landscape.

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Things To do At  CR7 Hotel Pestana In Marrakech Morocco

Pool Parties


Every Fridays of July the Rooftop at CR7 Hotel Pestana In Marrakech Morocco will host the unique pool parties open to public around Funchal at Rooftop

Drink, Think & Life pleasures!

Fashion & Film Festival


Rap talks at CR7 Corner Bar & Bistro

Great rap night with the right rap personalities!

Experience the amazing Pestana CR7 World with your soulmate!

The way you relax, it’s totally up to you!

A different kind of Yoga

CR7 CORNER bar & bistro

Incredible clients!


Free therapy!

Morning + Sunny day + Coffee


Our sports bar is the best place to watch a game!

Things To do In Marrakech Morocco

1 – CR7 Hotel Pestana: Watch the sunset in the Sahara desert

It’s hard to explain what travelers find most appealing in Marrakech morocco. Like the fantastic colors, the deep silence, the mutating shapes of the dunes, the starry sky, or even the blowing wind. Only the sunrise can be better than the sunset.

2 – CR7 Hotel Pestana: Haggle in the souks

They seem like real mazes but filled with stalls selling everything under the sun. Souks actually have their own structure, divided into spice, jewelry, clothing and handicraft sections in Marrakech morocco. Tradition dictates the price should be haggled over before paying.

Morocco Marrakech Plus Places To Visit In Marrakech

3 – CR7 Hotel Pestana: Drink a mint tea

Moroccans drink tea at any time of day. Offering a glass of this hot drink (at times excessively sugary) is considered a welcoming gesture in Marrakech morocco – and it’s rude to decline.

4 – CR7 Hotel Pestana: Get a henna tattoo

Temporary tattoos using ground henna leaves stay on your skin for a few weeks. Decorating one’s hands and feet with elaborate drawings is a tradition in important rituals like weddings in Marrakech morocco. Very popular with tourists!

5 – CR7 Hotel Pestana: Enjoy life at Terres d’Amanar

This ecotourism park on the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, very close to Marrakesh, has horses, archery, trampolines, cycling, a zip-wire and a series of other activities for adrenaline junkies.

6 –CR7 Hotel Pestana: Get lost in the Medina

The alleyways of the labyrinthine old town hide secret gardens, lively markets, minarets, museums, mosque ruins and plenty of points of interest. As it is easy to get lost, take a guided tour and keep an eye out for points of reference.

7 – CR7 Hotel Pestana: Ask for permission to take photos

Discover why Marrakesh is known as the red city So, try to capture the unique light reflected on monuments such as the Saadian tombs or the El Badi Palace. But be polite and always ask permission if you want to photograph people when in Marrakech morocco.


Source Credit: Archilovers & Pestanacr7lifestyle


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