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About Africa’s First Indigenous Car Manufacturing Company’ Innoson Motors

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  • Innoson Motors' How it all started
  • Biography of Dr. Innoson Iffediaso Chukwuma (Chairman and CEO)

Africa Facts Zone presents Innoson Motors, Africa’s first indigenous car manufacturing company Innoson motors, and the first-ever manufacturing car plant in Nigeria.

Innoson Motors’ How it all started

Innoson Motors is not just a phenomenon in Nigeria but Africa at large. Innnoson motors started business in 2010, It was founded by Dr. Innoson Iffediaso Chukwuma.

Innoson motors started with a vision for Africans to use new vehicles. Dr. Innoson discovered that most Africans are no longer using new vehicles, then he chooses to know why Africans are not using new vehicles. He later discovered that Africans are not using new vehicles because new vehicles were quite expensive and not produced in Africa.

Most Africans buy second-hand vehicles that are imported from Japan, the EU, and the USA. Africa is the largest importer of used vehicles in the world.

In East Africa, more than 96 percent of vehicles imported into Kenya are used ones. Its neighbor, Ethiopia, along with Nigeria, is one of the largest importers of used vehicles globally. Nigeria is the biggest market for used cars in Africa and is also one of the most affluent in the Sub-Saharan region.

Nigeria is the highest importer of used cars in Africa and the third-highest destination for used cars globally.

This prompted Dr. Innoson to start Innoson Motors, a car Manufacturing Company to solve the auto-mobile problem in Africa, to produce cars for Africans and made by Africans.

Innoson’s first model of cars was pick up and small buses. Innoson Motors’ unique selling proposition of Innoson vehicles is they produce African vehicles, vehicles that fit into the Africa soil.

In producing Innoson motors, the company takes account of the topography, regional and climate challenges in Africa.

Innoson motors produce and manufacture cars from the beginning to the end in Nigeria. Any part they cannot produce, they import from overseas.

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Biography of Dr. Innoson Iffediaso Chukwuma (Chairman and CEO)

Dr innoson Iffediaso Chukwuma was born and raised in Nnewi, Anambra State Nigeria. He graduated from high school and never went to university. After high school, he served his brother who ran a pharmaceutical business for some years.

After serving his brother and gained his brother’s trust through a business deal where he returned all proceeds from the business to his brother, his brother established him by giving some amount of money to start life.

Dr. Innoson chooses to venture into the spare parts business where parts of cars and motorcycles are imported from overseas and sold at the local market in Nigeria.

His experience and success in the spare parts business would later lead him to the Motorcycle and Cars Assembling business, then to plastic production to support his manufacturing business of cars and motorcycles because plastic is needed in the production of cars and motorcycles.

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After that, he then ventured into Motor manufacturing and production popularly known Innoson Motors. Today Dr Innoson runs the largest plastic plant in West Africa and the biggest car production company in Nigeria.

Dr. Innoson’s key to success is Honesty and Hard Work, Dr. Innoson has over 4,000 employees in 5 industries.


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