Inside ‘The Beast’: A Deep Dive into the $1.5 Million U.S Presidential Limousine


When US presidents aren’t soaring through the skies on Air Force One or taking helicopter trips on Marine One, they’re navigating the streets in a vehicle like no other.

Nicknamed “The Beast,” the presidential limousine is a fortress on wheels, a marvel of modern engineering and security.

From President Trump to President Biden, this limousine has been a crucial component of presidential travel.

A Brief History of Presidential Limousines

For much of the 20th century, US presidents rode in Lincoln limousines. This tradition shifted in the 1980s when the Reagan administration opted for Cadillacs.

The latest iteration of the presidential limousine, known as “The Beast,” was commissioned by the US Secret Service in 2014 and first put into service in 2018 under President Donald Trump.

This vehicle represents the pinnacle of safety, security, and sophistication.

Design and Build: A Custom Masterpiece

“The Beast” is designed to look like an elongated Cadillac XT6, but its true foundation lies in the robust chassis of a Chevrolet Kodiak truck.

Weighing around 20,000 pounds, this vehicle’s construction cost approximately $1.5 million. General Motors, the manufacturing giant behind this masterpiece, ensured that every inch of “The Beast” meets the highest standards of protection and performance.

Advanced Security Features

Security is paramount in “The Beast.” Outfitted with state-of-the-art defense mechanisms, the limousine is equipped to withstand a variety of threats.

Its armor plating can reportedly repel armor-piercing bullets and explosive devices. The windows are made of bulletproof glass, ensuring that no unauthorized entry is possible.

The limousine’s secure communications system is one of its most critical features. This system allows the president to stay in constant contact with senior officials and military leaders.

It is capable of dispatching launch codes for nuclear weapons, ensuring that the president can maintain command and control in any situation.


Interior Comfort and Functionality

Inside, “The Beast” is as luxurious as it is secure. The interior features plush leather seats and amenities such as water bottle holders.

Some versions of the presidential limousine even include a fold-out desk, providing a mobile workspace for the president.

The presidential seal, with an eagle clutching an olive branch and 13 arrows under the motto “E Pluribus Unum” (“Out of many, one”), is prominently displayed on the interior and exterior of the passenger doors.

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Transport and Deployment

Transporting “The Beast” is a logistical feat in itself. The limousine is flown to various destinations aboard military cargo aircraft like the US Air Force C-17s.

This ensures that the president’s vehicle is available wherever they travel, maintaining the highest security standards at all times.

When President Biden visited the UK in June 2021, “The Beast” proudly displayed both the American flag and the Union Jack.

This act of flying the host country’s flag alongside the American flag is a gesture of diplomatic respect and unity.

License Plates with a Message

The presidential limousine sometimes features license plates with the slogan “End Taxation Without Representation,” a nod to Washington, DC’s ongoing quest for statehood and representation in Congress.

This slogan is a powerful reminder of the city’s unique political status and its residents’ aspirations.

Technological Marvel

According to the US Secret Service’s Office of Protective Operations, “The Beast” is the most technologically advanced protection vehicle in the world.

Its security and communications systems are unparalleled, making it a mobile command center capable of handling any crisis.


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