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Mafa Mafa Meaning, Origin, When & How To Use The Slang

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Mafa Mafa Meaning: is a Nigerian slang derived from the Yoruba language. It was popularized  by Nigerian music sensation Davido . Mafa means “Don’t drag”.


John: I am going to drag the police into this case.

Alicia: Please mafa police into this case.


Mafa john.

Meaning: Don’t  drag john.

Origin Of Mafa Mafa

The mafa word is derived from the yoruba speaking of Nigeria, they are predominantly based in West Africa. The word  which means don’t drag was now been reused by streets boys on the street of lagos when smoking hard synthetic weed popularly called  Arizona, Colorado, Blaze, Blueberry Haze, Dank, Demon Passion Smoke, Genie, Hawaiian Hybrid, K2, Magma, Ninja, Nitro, Ono Budz, Panama Red Ball, Puff, Sativah Herbal Smoke, Skunk, Spice, Ultra Chronic, and Voodoo Spice.

Marlian Or Marlians’ Meaning & Origin Of The Movement & Slang

Synthetic cannabinoids, also called synthetic marijuana or fake weed, have been used by many as an alternative to marijuana since products were first introduced. Despite the fact that these man-made products were created in laboratories to help scientists study the cannabinoid system in the human brain, they often claim to be made of “natural” material from a variety of plants.

Synthetic marijuana often contains a mixture of dried leaves from traditional herbal plants. They are various colors, including green, brown, blonde, and red, and often sold in small packets approximately two by three inches. The packets are often colorful foil packs or plastic zip bags.

Sighting the fact that Synthetic marijuana is more hard and dangerous than the Natural Marijuana, street boys in lagos have been able to differenciate between the Natural and  synthetic weed, plus since the invention of synthetic weed there have been high demand on the product than the Natural weed.

So the slang  came as a result of been careful when smoking the synthetic marijuana. When smoking or getting high on synthetic marijuana, street boys tends to caution their peers as to not to drag to much.



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