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Marlian Or Marlians’ Meaning & Origin Of The Movement & Slang

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Marlian or Marlians are staunch followers of the controversial Nigerian Musician Naira Marley. A marlian shares the ideology and beliefs of Naira Marley.


Naira Marley, is  a controversial Nigerian Artist who doesn’t care or give a hoot about the Nigerian government nor the general public. Naira Marley does not encourage his followers to practice some of the vices he preaches in his songs.

Marlians are mostly young persons in their late teens and early 20s.  In many minds of Marlians, Naira Marley is the second coming of the legendary Bob Marley.

Origin Of The Slang Marlian or Marlians

Marlian or Marlians is a slang and movement started by Nigerian singer Naira Marley. He came into the limelight when his world cup anthem, ‘Issa goal’ featuring another Nigerian singer and rapper Olamide in 2017 became a hit.

Born Azeez Fashola  in Agege, Lagos State, Nigeria who later moved to Peckham, South London when he was just 11 years of age.  According to him, he had the youth aspiration of becoming an MC and voice over artiste.

Naira Marley found his singing ability when he was asked by his companions to sing in one of their sessions.

In the wake of seeing his ability and prospect in his music vocation, after the ‘joke’ track, Marry Juanna (Marijuana) became a hit in the UK, he chose ultimately to seek after his music profession.
 Fast-forward to present day, Naira Marley’s songs are the toast of any party. In fact, any DJ worth his name, has to include his songs at short intervals in order to liven up his audience, especially if they are Nigerian youths.
The Naira Marley fever is one that has swept across the entertainment scene like a flood, giving rise to a new generation of people called ‘Marlians’. Now the term ‘Marlians’ is used by people who are fans and followers of Naira Marley, with obvious characteristics.
In fact, many have confessed to becoming or associating with deviants, rebellion, among other vices in order to be tagged as true ‘Marlians’.

Marlian Or Marlians Movement

Since his arrest for seeking support for Internet Fraud popularly known in Nigeria as Yahoo Boys, the rapper has become a phenomenon not just in Nigeria, but around the world.

He calls his music ‘street music’; blunt, raw and filled with slang and expletives that would make any normal music lover’s skin crawl. But, to the surprise of many, his songs, in all rawness, has found acceptance with millions of fans all over the world.

After his career breakthrough in 2019, his massive fan base was code named ‘Marlians’ with the motto ‘No Mannaz’ as one of the most used words. ‘Marlians’ are alleged to be fraudsters , yahoo boys, drug addicts and others who have negative means of getting rich, but have the influence to determine the outcome of most events. His fans are also known to attack anyone who vilifies Naira or even tries to call him to order whenever he posts something.

Thus, the ‘Marlian or Marlians or Marlian Gang’ became a trend.


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