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Africa Facts Zone presents The King of Arab men fashion Mohamed Ramadan. Born May 23, 1988, Mohamed Ramadan is an Egyptian actor and singer. Mohamed Ramadan became a  movie star in Egypt with his roles in such popular films as Ehky ya Scheherazade (2009), Wahid Saeiday (2014), and Arrest Letter (2017). He is married to Nesreen El Sayed Abd El Fattah and has 3 children Ali, Kenzy, and Haneen.

Mohamed Ramadan Biography - Africa Facts Zone

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Biography: About Mohamed Ramadan

Mohamed Ramadan began acting as a schoolboy and made his screen debut on the series Children of Streets in 2006.   He started his career with small roles in TV series like “The Cindrella,” until he had his big break in Yousry Nasrallah’s “Ehky Ya Sharazad” (Tell me, Shahrazad).

Mohamed Ramadan Biography - Africa Facts Zone

He then went on to star in blockbusters produced by the famous Egyptian producers Mohamed and Ahmed El Sobky, which made him one of the most valuable actors in the middle east. Mohamed Ramadan is perhaps the only Egyptian actor to have been praised by the internationally renowned performer ‘Umar el-Shereef who stated that he had chosen Mohamed to perpetuate his acting legacy.

Mohamed Ramadan became a  movie star in Egypt with his roles in such popular films as Ehky ya Scheherazade (2009), Wahid Saeiday (2014) and Arrest Letter (2017). He is also a musician whose songs have racked up millions of views on YouTube.

Ramadan also won the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMAs) award in Nigeria. He won the award under the category of “African Fans’ Favourite” category on November 24, 2019.

Mohamed Ramadan Biography - Africa Facts Zone

The list is comprised of the 10 Regional Categories and 26 Continental Categories.

Many Egyptian artists were also nominated for other categories such as Amr Diab, Tamer Hosny, Sherine, Hamada Helal, Cairokee band, and others.

He received the award for the greatest nationwide talent three times consecutively.

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His performance in Ehky ya Scheherazade earned him Best Supporting Actor honors at the Alexandria International Film Festival.

Family Life

He married Nesrine El Sayed Abdel Fattah and has children named Hanin and Ali.

Associated With

He was cast alongside Tamer Hagras in the action film El Diesel (2018).

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Ramy Aletesamy 2008
Ehky Ya Shahrazad 2009
Elshooq 2011
Elalmany 2012 “first movie of heroism”
Hasal Kheer 2012
Abdo Mota 2012
Qalb Elasd 2013
Wahed Saeedy 2014
Shad Agzaa 2015
Cinderella 2006
Awlad Elshware’ 2006
Hanan & Haneen 2007
High School 2008
Fi Eed Amina 2008
Romanet Elmizan 2008
Hala Wi Elmestkhaby 2009
Hanem Bent Basha 2009
Ehna Eltalaba 2011
Dawaran Shobra 2011
Karioka 2012
Elsherka 2012
Ebn Halal 2014 “first series of heroism”
A’deen Leeh 2005
Raees Gomohryat Nafsoh 2014

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Mohamed Ramadan upcoming project

On the other hand, the actor is set to star in Egypt’s first-ever 3D horror film “Shabah el Nile” (The Ghost of the Nile).

The film will be directed by Yasir Al-Yasiri, an Iraqi artist and produced by Saif Oraibi, who collaborated together in Action-Thriller film ‘122’, one of the first Arab films made for 4DX.


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