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Morocco Marrakech Plus Places To Visit In Marrakech

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Morocco Marrakech is one of Morocco’s four Imperial Cities & one of the beautiful Places To Visit In Marrakech is medina of Marrakech. The city was founded in 1062, by Abu Bakr ibn Umar of the dynasty of the Almoravids as the imperial capital of the Almoravid Empire.

Brief History Morocco Marrakech

Morocco Marrakesh is a city that summarizes the entirety of Morocco’s outlandish North African appeal. The city’s name gave the root to the name of the nation itself, illuminating this present town’s significance through the ages.

Morocco Marrakech was blessed with its mighty walls built from red sandstone & mosques like Koutoubia, gardens and palaces. The architectural influence of the Almohads was strong and featured carved domes and arches. When blended with influences from the Sahara and West Africa, it created a unique style of architecture in the city.

Europeans were forbidden from entering the city until 1867, unless they were granted permission from the sultan. By the early 20th century, when the country was overwhelmed with unrest, the French were able to colonise Morocco.

Under the French protectorate (1912–56), Marrakech was for many years administered by the Glaoui family, the last of whom, Thami al-Glaoui, was the chief instigator of the deposition of Muḥammad V in 1953.

Marrakech is famous for its parks, especially the Menara olive grove. It is also a popular destination for tourism and winter sports, the city is a commercial centre for the High Atlas mountains and Saharan trade and has an international airport.

Places To Visit In Marrakech

Medina of Marrakech & Medina Souks:

Morocco Marrakech Plus Places To Visit In Marrakech

Medina of Marrakech is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today it is one of the busiest cities in Africa and serves as a major economic center and tourist destination in Morocco Marrakech. Boasting several architectural and artistic features such as the Bahia Palace, Kotoubia Mosque and Saadian Tombs.

Surrounded by a vast palm grove, the medina in Marrakech is called the “red city” beautiful Places To Visit In Marrakech because of its buildings and ramparts of beaten clay, which were built during the residence of the Almohads. The heart of the medina is Jamaa el-Fna square, a vibrant marketplace.

There are many touristy places inside the Medina and the popular ones are the souks. These are nothing but traditional street markets or bazaars, where one can pick the best of souvenirs, knick-knacks, dresses, shoes, and homewares. Popular souks to see in Marrakech are Babouche or shoe souk, El-Attarine or perfume and spices souk, and Cherratine or leather souk. If you are making a list of the must-see places in Marrakech, you cannot miss these.

Inside the hustle of the medina, you’ll discover the city’s central matters of enthusiasm for a confounding merge of old and new. Simply absorbing the climate here tops the activities list, with snake charmers and smooth shop touts both vieing for your consideration in the midst of a loud, vivid clamor that typifies Morocco’s lively soul.


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Djemaa El Fna


Morocco Marrakech Plus Places To Visit In Marrakech

This large square at the entry to the medina is the center of Morocco Marrakech. Djemaa El Fna one of the most crowded and vibrant places to visit in Marrakech at night. Buzzing till late night hours, it is a vibrant hub of bric-a-brac stalls, food vendors selling local delicacies, tattoo artists, musicians, storytellers, fortune-tellers, and snake charmers that never seems to rest. A favorite hangout place among tourists and locals, Djemaa El Fna showcases the true depiction of Moroccan lifestyle.

Bahia Palace

Morocco Marrakech Plus Places To Visit In Marrakech

Built in the late 19th century as the private residence of Grand Vizier Bou Ahmed, Bahia Palace is one among the top places to visit in Morocco Marrakech. It is a stunning piece of art and architecture Literally translated as ‘brilliance’ both the marvelous exterior and interior look beautiful.

Jardin Majorelle

Morocco Marrakech Plus Places To Visit In Marrakech

It was created by eminent artist Jardin Majorelle,  a sprawling luxuriant garden, built over a long period of 40 years. lLocated at the heart of the city. This is one of the beautiful  Places To Visit In Marrakech, this popular place to see in Marrakech gives one immense serenity and positive vibes, on entering the garden. Adorned by little alleys, streams and over 300 species of exotic flora, Jardin Majorelle is a rejuvenating respite within the city. The studio of the artist is a vibrant blue colored building, now restored as a museum of Berber artistry.

Koutoubia Mosque

Morocco Marrakech Plus Places To Visit In Marrakech

Koutoubia Mosque is Marrakesh’s most famous landmark with its striking. With a 70 meter tall beautiful minaret, Koutoubia Mosque is another name in the league of the best places to visit in Morocco Marrakech. It is also the largest mosque in Marrakech. Built in 1162, this reflects the true style of Almohad architecture. The interior features decorated walls, arches, carved windows and pointed merions. The central courtyard and the garden are well maintained and add up to the charm of the mosque.

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Saadian Tombs

This 16th-century burial ground is home to 66 members of the Saadian dynasty, which ruled over Marrakesh between 1524 and 1668. The eminent king Al-Mansour, his successors and close-knit family members were laid to rest here. With the main mausoleum at the center, where Moulay Yazid was buried, there are several other mausoleums as well in the same premises.

The tombs were walled by Alawite successors, rediscovered in 1912 and renovated by Beaux-arts service to make it one of the popular places to visit in Marrakech, Morocco.

Dar Si Said Museum

One of the major tourist attractions to see in Morocco Marrakech is the Dar Si Said Museum. It showcases marvelous specimens of artisanal Moroccan objects, antiques, weapons, instruments and commodities of daily use. From vintage chests to modern day carpets, this place has almost everything. Spread over two floors and adorned with a beautiful entrance, this is the oldest museum in Marrakech and also popular as Museum of Moroccan Arts & one of the beautiful Places To Visit In Marrakech.

Marrakesh Tanneries

Marrakesh’s tanneries district is smaller than the one in Fes but just as atmospheric. This is where the leather hides, used for the colorful shoes, bags, and other products you’ll find in the souks, get dyed in a myriad of shades. Come here in the morning if you want to see the tanners working. Its one of the astonishing Places To Visit In Marrakech.

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Menara Garden

If you wish to spend some relaxed time with your beloved and enjoy a tranquil surrounding, visit the Manara Garden in Morocco Marrakech. This huge garden, once a royal retreat, is a bubble of serenity hidden right in the heart of Marrakesh.

It is an opulent garden in the heart of the city. A sprawling garden surrounded by olive plantations makes the garden look vibrant and one of the beautiful Places To Visit In Marrakech. While the sparkling waterbody at the middle enhances the charm quotient of the place. Ideal for day picnics and strolls, Manara Garden is frequented by both locals and tourists.

It’s a favorite spot for locals who want to escape the hustle and enjoy some peace and quiet. The majority of the area is taken up with olive groves, but for visitors, the main attraction and reason to come here is the large reflective pool with its fine pavilion.


A quaint, little village in the high Atlas Mountains Of Morocco, Imlil is paradise for hikers in Morocco Marrakech. The journey to Imlil is as breathtaking as the place itself. The ancient villages, the serpentine rivers, and the flourishing walnut trees, will leave you speechless. You can also take a half-day hike to witness the mesmerizing views of Imlil Valley below. Imlil is among the famous places to visit in Marrakech, for hikers, climbers, and adventure seekers.

Marrakesh is likewise the door to Morocco’s High Atlas locale, where you can savor the beautiful mountain excellence after your Marrakesh city experiences. Marrakesh is a city that sums up all of Morocco’s exotic North African charm.


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