Afrobeats Review: ODUMODUBLVCK – 100 MILLION Ft Tiwa Savage


In the vibrant landscape of Nigerian Afrobeat, two luminaries have collided to create a sonic masterpiece that transcends boundaries and captivates audiences worldwide.

Odumodublvck’s latest release, “100 MILLION,” featuring the illustrious Tiwa Savage, is not just a song; it’s a symphony of talent, passion, and raw emotion.

The Birth of a Collaboration

“100 MILLION” marks the convergence of two musical powerhouses, each bringing their own unique flair to the table.

Odumodublvck’s signature sound, characterized by infectious rhythms and innovative melodies, finds a perfect complement in Tiwa Savage’s soulful vocals, resulting in a track that is as mesmerizing as it is unforgettable.

Exploring the Depths of “100 MILLION”

From the moment the first note reverberates through the speakers, it’s evident that “100 MILLION” is something special.

The synergy between Odumodublvck and Tiwa Savage is palpable, as they effortlessly weave together intricate layers of sound and emotion.

From the pulsating beat to the evocative lyrics, every aspect of the song speaks to the unparalleled talent and artistry of its creators.

A Melodic Journey: Uniting Audiences Across the Globe

As “100 MILLION” makes its way into the hearts and playlists of fans around the world, it’s clear that its impact knows no bounds.

The track’s universal appeal transcends cultural barriers, uniting listeners in a shared appreciation for musical excellence.

Whether it’s the infectious groove that gets people moving or the heartfelt lyrics that resonate on a deeper level, “100 MILLION” has something for everyone.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Odumodublvck and Tiwa Savage

As “100 MILLION” continues to make waves in the music industry, the future looks brighter than ever for Odumodublvck and Tiwa Savage.

With their unparalleled talent and unwavering dedication to their craft, there’s no telling what heights they’ll reach next.

Whether it’s sold-out stadiums or Grammy nominations, one thing is for certain: the world hasn’t seen the last of these musical titans.


In a world where musical brilliance is often overshadowed by commercialism and conformity, “100 MILLION” stands as a shining example of what happens when true artists come together to create something magical.

With Odumodublvck’s innovative production and Tiwa Savage‘s soul-stirring vocals, this track is more than just a song; it’s a testament to the power of music to unite, inspire, and move us in ways we never thought possible.





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