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Rema’s HEHEHE: The Bold Clapback Track Taking Afrobeats by Storm


Rema is back, and he’s not holding back. Fresh from the success of his hit collaboration “BENIN BOYS” with Shallipopi, Rema drops another bombshell on the Afrobeats scene with his latest single, “HEHEHE”.

This track isn’t just another song; it’s a fierce declaration of dominance and a playful clapback at his critics.

The Creative Mastermind Behind HEHEHE

Rema isn’t just the voice behind “HEHEHE”; he’s also deeply involved in its creation. Teaming up with talented producers like Producer X, Cubeatz, Deats, and Klimperboy, Rema steps behind the board, showcasing his multifaceted talent.

His co-production credit highlights his growing artistic maturity and desire to control his sonic palette, making “HEHEHE” a true representation of his creative vision.

From the very first line, “Monday morning talking ’bout me while I’m making money, hehehehehe,” Rema sets a confident and playful tone.

The infectious laughter woven throughout the song serves as a constant reminder that the negativity from his detractors only fuels his success.

It’s a bold statement that resonates with listeners, making the track memorable and engaging.

Challenging the Status Quo

Rema doesn’t shy away from making bold claims. With lyrics like No more big 3, there’s now a big 4, he asserts his place among the top Afrobeats artists in the world alongside Wizkid, Burna Boy & Davido.

This statement is not just a brag; it’s a challenge to the music scene, sparking conversations and debates about his position in the industry.

Flaunting Success with Swagger

Rema’s ability to flaunt his success with playful swagger is one of his defining strengths. In “HEHEHE,” he delivers lines like “Account balance don dey resemble dem politician,” playfully mocking his haters by implying that his bank account rivals the wealth of corrupt politicians.

It’s a braggadocious statement delivered with such charisma that it becomes extremely catchy and enjoyable.

Building Anticipation for Future Projects

With the release of BENIN BOYS and “HEHEHE,” fans are eagerly anticipating Rema’s next move.

These two tracks hint at a larger project in the works, whether it’s an EP or a full-length album. One thing is certain: a new Rema body of work is on the way, and fans can’t wait to see what he has in store.

Lyrics That Pack a Punch

The lyrics of “HEHEHE” are packed with clever wordplay and bold statements. Lines like “Big dreams, small minds can’t relate, hehehe,” showcase Rema’s confidence and his ability to brush off criticism. The track is filled with quotable moments that resonate with listeners, making it a standout addition to his discography.

The production quality of “HEHEHE” is top-notch, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Rema and his team of producers.

The beats are crisp, the melodies are catchy, and the overall sound is polished to perfection. This high level of production quality ensures that the track stands out not just for its lyrics but also for its sonic excellence.


Rema’s “HEHEHE” is more than just a song; it’s a statement. With its bold lyrics, innovative sound, and top-notch production, it sets a new standard for Afrobeats. As Rema continues to evolve and push the boundaries of the genre, fans can look forward to more groundbreaking music from this talented artist.


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