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Sinach Waymaker No. 1 on the Billboard Christian Songwriters Charts


Multiple award-winning gospel artist and songwriter, Sinach Waymaker has become the first African and arguably the first black person to rank at number one on the Christian Songwriters’ category of the USA Billboard, for her song ‘Way Maker’.

Sinach Waymaker was originally released in 2016, recently gained massive popularity following performances by The Elevation Worship and other Christian rock bands.

Sinach Waymaker No. 1 on the Billboard Christian Songwriters Charts

Sinach Waymaker has become a powerful worship anthem across the world. The song has been covered by notable worship leaders worldwide including Michael W. Smith whose take featuring Vanessa Campagna and Madelyn Berry recently climbed up the Hot Christian Songs chart. Christian rock band Leeland’s version also hit the chart leaving two versions of the same song resided simultaneously in the top 10.

Sinach Waymaker also earned the NO. 2 Nigerian song of the decade on popular streaming platform YouTube with over 149 million views. It was also recently awarded a Gold Plaque for hitting One million subscribers on YouTube.

Sinach Waymaker No. 1 on the Billboard Christian Songwriters Charts

Sinach Waymaker, according to the data released in May, has dominated the chart for the past seven weeks. globally, various versions of the song have been streamed over 250 million times life-to-date on YouTube. On Spotify, top versions of the song now account for over 54 million streams life-to-date.

“In short Sinach Waymaker has accumulated the most points out of any other Christian market songwriter for the past seven weeks.  My analysis is that the large number of recorded versions of Waymaker are adding up to this accomplishment and acknowledgment.  The other songwriters on this list have dozens of different songs recorded by other artists that are comprising their “points total,” said Les Moir,  A&R Ambassador at Integrity Music Europe.

Sinach Waymaker No. 1 on the Billboard Christian Songwriters Charts

At 148 million views, the original video of Sinach Waymaker is currently the third most-streamed song in the world on YouTube. Sinach Waymaker  was also  rated by as the Female Artist of the Decade, Female Gospel Artist of the Decade and also listed in the top 10 Artist of the Decade.

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Two covers of Sinach Waymaker by Michael W. Smith and Leeland are featured in the top 10 Hot Christian Songs chart. According to Billboard, this is the first time in the history of the Hot Christian songs that two versions of the same song have resided simultaneously in the top 10. Leeland’s version is currently ninth on the chart, while Michael W. Smith’s version is in third position.

The 47-year-old shared her excitement over the feat on Twitter.

“So apparently We have been No 1 on billboard USA for Christian songwriter for 7 weeks !! Look at God!! First Black person. First from Africa … So grateful to God!! Thank you @billboard#loveworld @joe_egbu…’’ she tweeted.


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