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The Tallest Man From Volta Region in Ghana dropped out of School because of Shoe Size


A 22-year-old welding and metal fabrication apprentice from Volta Region in Ghana, who is considered to be the tallest man in the region, has expressed concern over a setback in the skill he is presently learning and has appealed for assistance.

Ghana News Agency reports that Charles Sogli, who is over 8 feet tall from Volta Region in Ghana, is in desperate need of tailored footwear and work gear since he is having difficulty finding the appropriate fit. According to the agency, He had 16-inch-long feet, according to legend. Aside from that, Sogli is in desperate need of a customized vehicle that would allow him to move around more easily.

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Sogli explained that he had dropped out of school due to difficulties obtaining the proper shoe size, and that he did not want the same issue to interfere with his present apprenticeship. The Ghana News Agency (GNA) said that Sogli began his apprenticeship as an apprentice welder and metal fabricator approximately a year ago, and that not wearing the correct footwear and working gear while on the job has been a big source of frustration for him.

He went on to say that due of his height, he has difficulty entering commercial vehicles, and that many drivers will not even allow him to enter their vehicles. The drivers refuse to take me up whenever I approach them because they claim I am too tall and cannot fit comfortably into their vehicles. “As a result, I constantly walk to work and return home unless someone is truly moved to give me a lift,” Sogli said to MyJoyOnline.

Michael DeSouza, Sogli’s master, also stated that, despite the fact that a shoemaker was able to create tailored boots for him, the footwear was still “not protective.”

However, despite the difficulties, DeSouza praised Sogli for being “helpful and hardworking.” “He is a decent, calm, and serene individual. All he requires is proper footwear and work clothing for his size, as well as a particular mode of transportation – perhaps a customized car,” he continued.

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Goggles, hard helmets, and gloves are some of the other essential pieces of protective equipment and accessories for welders and metal fabricators, aside from safety shoes. “I would appreciate it if individuals could assist me in finding sandals and shoes that are specifically tailored to my needs. In addition, I require clothes and a mode of transportation. I’m also asking with vehicles to stop for me whenever they come across me,” Sogli added.



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