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The Somba tribe of Benin Republic and Togo were experts in Penis Enlargement before the introduction of plastic surgery


Penis enlargement treatments, pills, and surgical procedures are widely advertised on social media platforms. No concrete evidence exists to support the efficacy of penis enlargement cures; nonetheless, there is an African tribe that has mastered the art of penis enlargement long before the advent of plastic surgery.

The Somba People

Batammariba (also known as Tamberma, Somba, Bataba, Batammaraba, Ditamari, Niend, and Tamari) are agro-pastoralist Oti-Volta, Gur-speaking, and indigenous architecturally advanced people who live in the mountainous regions of two West African countries: Togo and Benin. They are agro-pastoralist Oti-Volta, Gur-speaking, and indigenous architecturally advanced people who live

Known as Somba in Benin, they live in the steep Atakora mountain area (Atakora Department) in northeastern Benin, where they share a border with their Gur relatives in neighboring Burkina Faso, who share a significant interest in architecture as well.

Techniques for Penis Enlargement

The Batammariba or Somba people are historically renowned for their penis enlargement and augmentation procedures that date back thousands of years. This technique is used by the Somba people during the process of male initiation into maturity.

It is customary for a herbal infusion to be ground and applied to the penis; then a branch of a tree or an ivory is cut, and a hole of a specific size is created for the initiate to pass through.

According to historical reports, the initiate places his penis in it for several months until it reaches a specific size and length of his choosing, at which point he is able to take it out.

At the conclusion of the public rites of initiation, the initiates are clothed in luxurious clothing, with cowries strung about their necks and waists and horned headdresses affixed to the tops of their heads.

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About the Somba (or Batammariba) People

To be Somba is to be naked; the Somba continue to live their traditional lives, and in certain Tayaba-Somba tribes, the fetish priests continue to dress in a basic loincloth, with the women wearing only sarongs as their only clothing.

Batammariba is a Swahili word that literally translates as “the ones who are the true creators of the world.” They were also given the moniker Tamberma by the colonial authorities, which translates as “Good Builders.” The majority of Batammariba live in Koutammakou, often known as “the land of the Batammariba,” a historic town notable for its Takienta tower-house architecture made of mud. These structures have two floors with thatched roofs that are either flat or conical in shape.

The population is estimated to be approximately 176,000 people, with an estimated number (majority) of approximately 140,000 people residing in Benin and approximately 36,000 people living in Togo. Otammari is the name given to a member of the Tamberma tribe, and Ditammari is the language spoken by them.

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