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Kendrick Lamar’s Showstopping Verse on Future’s Like That


The collaboration between Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, known professionally as Future, and Leland Tyler Wayne, aka Metro Boomin & Kendrick Lamar has consistently been at the forefront of the hip-hop genre’s evolution.

Their partnership, which began in 2013 with the release of “Honest,” has not only marked the birth of numerous chart-topping hits but also shaped the soundscape of contemporary rap music.

Their ability to blend playful lyricism with deeper, often darker themes has set their work apart, making each release a highly anticipated event in the music world.

In the world of hip-hop, few collaborations promise the seismic impact of Future and Metro Boomin’s  track, “Like That,” especially with the addition of Kendrick Lamar’s verse.

This collaboration is not just a meeting of minds; it’s a convergence of distinct artistic visions, creating a masterpiece that resonates deeply within the fabric of modern hip-hop.

Let’s dive into the intricacies of this collaboration, exploring the layers of lyrical depth, production prowess, and the unmistakable impact of Kendrick Lamar’s lyrical genius.

The Genius of Future, Metro Boomin & Kendrick Lmar

“Like That” emerges as a beacon of collaboration in an often competitive industry, showcasing the unique blend of Future’s hypnotic delivery, Metro Boomin’s unmatched production, and Kendrick Lamar’s lyrical prowess. This track is a testament to the magic that happens when artists of such calibre join forces.

A Collaboration Like No Other

Future and legendary producer Metro Boomin collaboration is nothing short of magical, blending Future’s raw, emotional delivery with Metro’s unparalleled production skills.

The result is “Like That,” a track that resonates with fans and newcomers alike, offering a fresh yet familiar auditory experience.

  • The Beginnings: Tracing back to their first collaboration, “Honest,” the duo has crafted a unique sound characterized by its blend of introspection and extravagance.
  • A Legacy of Hits: From “I Serve the Base” to “Mask Off,” their tracks have become anthems, celebrated for their lyrical depth and innovative production.

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Breaking Down “Like That”

“Like That” stands out as the 6th track on Future’s ambitious 17-track project, “WE DON’T TRUST YOU.” This song is more than just an addition to Future’s discography; it’s a testament to his growth as an artist and his ability to stay relevant in the rapidly changing music industry.

Future: The Visionary

Future, known for his melodic flow and poignant lyrics, brings an emotional depth to “Like That,” reflecting on themes of loyalty, success, and the trappings of fame.

His ability to convey complex emotions through his music has solidified his position as a pivotal figure in the genre.

Future’s lyrics in “Like That” delve into themes of trust, betrayal, and the complexities of fame, offering listeners a glimpse into the rapper’s psyche.

Metro Boomin: The Architect

Metro Boomin’s production on “Like That” is nothing short of stellar. Known for his innovative beats and sonic landscapes, Metro crafts a backdrop that enhances the track’s emotional gravity, proving once again why he’s one of the most sought-after producers in the industry

Kendrick Lamar’s Showstopping Verse

Kendrick Lamar, known for his lyrical depth and prowess, chose “Like That,” a standout track from “We Don’t Trust You,” to make a statement. His verse, although not credited in the album’s liner notes, has stolen the spotlight, proving once again why he’s considered one of the most influential voices in modern hip-hop.

Addressing the “Big Three”

  • J. Cole’s Reference: The verse in question responds to a line from J. Cole and Drake’s “First Person Shooter,” a track from Drake’s album “For All the Dogs.” Cole mentions the “big three,” referring to Lamar, Drake, and himself, sparking debates about who stands at the apex of the rap game.

The Lyrical Showdown

Lamar’s response is not just a rebuttal; it’s a complex weaving of competitive spirit and mutual respect, characteristic of hip-hop’s storied tradition of lyrical one-upmanship. The verse is a nuanced exploration of Kendrick’s place in the industry and his perspective on the ongoing discussions about the “hardest emcee.”

Breaking Down Kendrick’s Verse

  • A Sharp Retort: Lamar’s words are a calculated mixture of acknowledgment and challenge, delving into the heart of what it means to be considered at the top of the rap hierarchy.
  • The Impact on Hip-Hop Discourse: This exchange has reignited conversations about the dynamics within the “big three,” pushing fans and critics alike to reevaluate the contributions of each artist to the genre.

The Broader Implications

Kendrick Lamar’s verse on “Like That” goes beyond a mere response to J. Cole and Drake. It represents a moment of reflection within the hip-hop community, prompting a deeper examination of the achievements, influence, and legacy of these three artists.

A Reflection on Competitive Spirit

  • Respect Among Titans: The interactions between Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and J. Cole underscore a mutual respect, even amidst competition. It’s a reminder of the creative drive that propels artists to new heights.
  • The Role of Competition in Artistic Evolution: This lyrical dialogue highlights how competition, when rooted in respect, can lead to significant artistic growth and innovation within hip-hop.

Kendrick Lamar’s uncredited verse on “Like That” is more than just a highlight of “We Don’t Trust You”; it’s a seminal moment that encapsulates the ongoing evolution of hip-hop.

By addressing Drake and J. Cole, Lamar not only stokes the flames of lyrical competition but also invites a reevaluation of what it means to be a leading voice in the genre.

As the debate around the “big three” continues, one thing remains clear: hip-hop thrives on its competitive spirit, pushing its greatest artists to new levels of creativity and influence.

“We Don’t Trust You”: A Milestone Release

Marking a significant moment in their collaborative journey, the release of “We Don’t Trust You” stands as a testament to their evolving artistry.

This project not only underscores their dominance in the hip-hop genre but also highlights their growth as artists and visionaries.


In conclusion, “Like That” is not just a song; it’s a momentous event in the landscape of modern hip-hop. The collaboration between Future, Metro Boomin, and Kendrick Lamar exemplifies the heights that can be achieved when artists of such calibre come together.

Kendrick Lamar’s verse, in particular, stands as a beacon of lyrical excellence, enriching the track with depth, nuance, and cultural resonance.

As we look to the future of hip-hop, it’s collaborations like these that will continue to shape the genre, inspire artists, and captivate listeners around the world.





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