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How Emperor Menelik II defeated the Italians in the Battle of Adwa, Making Ethiopia the only African Country Never to be Colonized


Africa facts zone presents the Battle of Adwa: In 1844, Menelik II, the child of King (Negus) Haile Melekot, was brought into the world in Ankober, Ethiopia.

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Brief History

When King Melekot died in 1855, Menelik II was detained at Magdala by Emperor Tewodros II.

Emperor Tewodros honorable who seized power to become king of Shewa.

The royal family of Shewa can trace their lineage to King Solomon of Israel and Queen of Sheba of Abyssinia.

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This dates back into the history of the Kush and Nubia old royal kingdoms.

A youthful Menelik II would ultimately escape from prison in Magdala.

He returned to the locale of his father in Shewa where he was eventually proclaimed king.

Emperor Menelik II was a federalist that accepted that the locale would be most grounded under a united focal Imperial crown at Addis Ababa.

Addis Ababa was later picked in 1886 by his Empress Taytu Betul, to be the capital of Ethiopia, a city-state like London and Washington D.C.

Menelik II’s initiative endeavors centered around uniting the Ethiopian empire under royal patriarchal Imperial rule man.

During his rule, the British vigorously equipped Emperor Yohannes IV (also known as King John of Abyssinia) against Emperor Tewodros II. In 1863, Emperor Tewodros II committed suicide after being crushed by the British at Magdala.

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The Battle of Adwa

By 1880, Menelik II was marking a settlement with the Italians in the Wollo territory at Wuchale, recognizing the establishment of the Italian state of Eritrea and its capital at Asmara.

Eritrea is in the northern Tigrean district.

This treaty between Ethiopia and Italy weakened the rule of Ras Mengasha.

At the point when Menelik II signed the agreement with the Italians, he didn’t know that realize the Amharic version was different from the Italian version.

Typical deceit is utilized by numerous European colonialists against Africans in other colonies.

At the point when Menelik II found the trickery and deception, he rejected the Italian agreement. Italy pronounced a battle against Menelik II and attacked Ethiopia from Asmara.

Menelik II crushed the Italians at Amba-Alagi and Mekele.

On March 1, 1896, Menelik II caused a final blow against Italian army at the Battle of Adwa.

This forced Italy to accept Ethiopia’s Ethiopia’s national sovereignty.

Emperor Menelik II Unifying all Ethiopian High Countries after the Battle of Adwa

Ras Mengesha was able to secure Emperor Menelik II’s acknowledgment of his position as Prince of Tigray.

Ras Mengesha had supported Menelik II’s endeavors to overcome the Italian attack in 1896 in the Battle of Adwa.

Be that as it may, Menelik wouldn’t crown Ras Mengesha as King of Zion, which prompted his revolt to Menelik.

In 1898, Menelik II crushed a resistance by Ras Mangasha, bringing together the Ethiopian high countries.

Ras Mengesha was crushed and placed under house arrest until his passing.



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