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Top 10 Companies Offering the Highest Salaries in Nigeria for 2024


Nigeria’s growing youthful population presents a golden opportunity for companies to invest in human capital and leverage the innovative skills of the younger generation.

In this vibrant talent pool, compensation for skills can vary widely across different industries and job functions.

However, some companies in Nigeria stand out for their commitment to fair and competitive salaries. Here’s a look at the top 10 highest-paying companies in Nigeria in 2024.

1. Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC)

Leading the Way in Oil and Gas

Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) is a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell and has been a significant player in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry for decades.

Operating primarily in the Niger Delta region, SPDC is known for offering some of the most competitive salaries in the industry.

Their compensation packages reflect their commitment to attracting and retaining top talent, making them a top choice for professionals in the sector.

2. Chevron Nigeria Limited

Competitive Salaries for Top Talent

Chevron Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary of the American multinational Chevron Corporation, is another major player in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector.

With over 50 years of operation in Nigeria, Chevron is renowned for its attractive salary packages.

They operate extensively in the Niger Delta region and offer comprehensive benefits to their employees, ensuring they remain a top employer in the country.

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3. Mobil Producing Nigeria

At the Forefront of Energy

Mobil Producing Nigeria, under the umbrella of ExxonMobil, is one of the leading oil and gas companies in Nigeria.

With a strong presence in the Niger Delta region, Mobil Producing Nigeria offers highly competitive salaries and benefits.

Their focus on employee welfare and professional development makes them a preferred employer for many in the industry.

4. Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)

State-Owned Excellence

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is the state-owned oil corporation of Nigeria and plays a crucial role in the country’s petroleum sector.

Known for offering attractive compensation packages, NNPC ensures its employees are well-rewarded. They handle everything from exploration to production and distribution of petroleum products across Nigeria.

5. MTN Nigeria

Telecommunication Titans

MTN Nigeria, a subsidiary of the South African MTN Group, is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Nigeria. Operating across all 36 states for over 20 years, MTN Nigeria is known for its competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits.

Their commitment to employee satisfaction and career growth makes them a top employer in the telecommunications sector.

6. Nestle Nigeria Plc

Leaders in Food and Beverage

Nestle Nigeria Plc, a subsidiary of the Swiss multinational Nestle S.A., is a major player in Nigeria’s food and beverage industry.

With over 60 years of operation in Nigeria, Nestle offers competitive salaries to its employees. Their extensive presence across all 36 states and focus on employee welfare make them a desirable employer.

7. Total Nigeria Plc

Pioneers in Energy

Total Nigeria Plc, under the French multinational Total S.A., is a key player in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry. With operations in both the upstream and downstream sectors, Total Nigeria is known for offering attractive salaries and comprehensive benefits. Their focus on innovation and employee development sets them apart in the industry.

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8. Dangote Group

Conglomerate Powerhouse

The Dangote Group, owned by Aliko Dangote, the richest person in Africa, is a massive conglomerate involved in industries such as cement, sugar, salt, and flour. Known for their competitive salaries, Dangote Group is one of Nigeria’s largest employers. Their diverse operations and commitment to employee growth make them a top employer in various sectors.

9. Nigerian Breweries Plc

Brewing Success

Nigerian Breweries Plc, a subsidiary of the Dutch multinational Heineken N.V., is the largest brewery in Nigeria. They offer competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits to their employees. With a wide range of products, including beer, malt drinks, and soft drinks, Nigerian Breweries Plc remains a top employer in the beverage industry.

10. Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc

Food Industry Giants

Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc is one of the largest flour milling companies in the country, offering competitive salaries to their employees. With a presence in all 36 states, they produce a wide range of food products, including flour, pasta, and noodles. Their commitment to employee welfare and career development makes them a preferred employer in the food industry.


Nigeria’s dynamic and diverse economic landscape offers numerous opportunities for professionals seeking rewarding careers. The companies listed above stand out not only for their competitive salaries but also for their commitment to employee development and welfare. As Nigeria continues to grow and evolve, these companies are likely to remain at the forefront, attracting top talent and driving economic progress.


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