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TeeFamous – Buga (Remix) Ft. Bella Shmurda


In the pulsating world of Nigerian afrobeats music, where rhythms tell stories and beats capture hearts, a new anthem is making waves, promising to be the soundtrack of the season.

“Buga (Remix)” emerges as a beacon of creativity and collaboration, showcasing the exceptional talents of TeeFamous and Bella Shmurda.

This track is not just a song; it’s a musical journey that invites listeners to experience the depths of Nigerian musical artistry.

A Fresh Twist on a Captivating Original

TeeFamous, known for his unique blend of Afrobeat energy and lyrical storytelling, initially captured the attention of the music world with the original “Buga.”

The song was a testament to his artistry, a melody that resonated with fans across borders.

Yet, in the spirit of innovation and growth, TeeFamous decided to reimagine “Buga,” inviting none other than Bella Shmurda to add his distinctive flavor to the remix.

The Collaboration of Titans

Bella Shmurda, a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian music scene, brings a unique style and lyrical depth that complements TeeFamous’s vision.

Known for his ability to weave narratives with rhythm, Shmurda’s addition to “Buga (Remix)” transforms the track into a multifaceted musical experience.

This partnership highlights the power of collaboration, as two of Nigeria’s most talented artists join forces to create something truly memorable.

What Makes “Buga (Remix)” Stand Out?

  • Innovative Sound: TeeFamous’s decision to remix “Buga” is a bold move, showing his dedication to exploring new sounds and pushing musical boundaries.
  • Lyrical Prowess: Both artists are renowned for their ability to tell stories through their lyrics, making “Buga (Remix)” a narrative as much as it is a song.
  • Unique Collaboration: The synergy between TeeFamous and Bella Shmurda is palpable, offering listeners a blend of styles that is both refreshing and familiar.

Beyond the Music: Impact on the Industry

The release of “Buga (Remix)” is more than just another track dropping into the Nigerian afrobeats music scene; it’s a statement.

It signifies TeeFamous’s successful debut and continued evolution as an artist committed to bringing new and exciting sounds to his audience.

For Bella Shmurda, this collaboration is a testament to his versatility and influence in the industry. Together, they’re setting trends, breaking norms, and showcasing the dynamism of Nigerian music.

Why “Buga (Remix)” Resonates with Fans

There’s something about “Buga (Remix)” that captures the essence of what it means to enjoy music. Perhaps it’s the seamless blend of rhythms or the way the lyrics speak to the listener’s soul.

Or maybe, it’s the undeniable chemistry between TeeFamous and Bella Shmurda. Whatever the reason, this track is poised to become a favorite among fans and a hit that transcends geographical boundaries.


“Buga (Remix)” is more than a song; it’s a celebration of artistry, collaboration, and the unifying power of music. TeeFamous and Bella Shmurda have not only created a hit but also paved the way for future collaborations that dare to dream and innovate.

As this track reverberates through speakers and headphones around the world, it reminds us of the beauty in music’s ability to bring people together, transcending boundaries and creating a shared experience of joy and connection.


  1. Who originally sang “Buga”?
    • “Buga” was originally performed by TeeFamous.
  2. What makes “Buga (Remix)” different from the original?
    • The remix features Bella Shmurda, adding a new dimension and lyrical depth to the track.
  3. Who is Bella Shmurda?
    • Bella Shmurda is a prominent Nigerian artist known for his unique style and impactful lyrics.
  4. What genre does “Buga (Remix)” fall under?
    • It’s a fusion of Afrobeat and contemporary Nigerian music.
  5. Why did TeeFamous choose to remix “Buga”?
    • To explore new sounds and collaborate with Bella Shmurda, enhancing the song’s appeal.
  6. How has the audience reacted to the remix?
    • The reception has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans appreciating the fresh take on the original.
  7. What does “Buga (Remix)” signify for Nigerian music?
    • It represents the evolution and versatility of Nigerian music, highlighting the industry’s creative potential.


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