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Tiwa Savage – Lost Time


Nigerian music sensation Tiwa Savage is set to captivate audiences with a dual display of talent. She’s not only starring in the Amazon Prime Video movie “Water & Garri” but also contributing to its soundtrack.

Lost Time: A Glimpse into the Soundtrack

Giving us a sneak peek into the magic of “Water & Garri” is “Lost Time,” the second track from the movie’s soundtrack EP. Co-produced by Needlz and Poo Bear, this song is a heartfelt exploration of yearning and longing.

A Melodic Tale of Longing

“Lost Time” paints a vivid picture of a love story, with its lyrics evoking the sentiment of reuniting with a lover after a prolonged separation.

Tiwa Savage’s vocals add depth to the narrative, showcasing her ability to convey emotions with power and vulnerability.

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Tiwa Savage’s involvement in “Water & Garri” marks a significant milestone in her career, showcasing her ability to excel not only in music but also on the silver screen. As fans anticipate the release of the movie and its soundtrack, one thing is certain: Tiwa Savage is set to leave a lasting impression with her artistry.


  1. What is “Water & Garri” about?
    • “Water & Garri” is a movie starring Tiwa Savage, set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video. It is accompanied by a soundtrack featuring Tiwa Savage’s music.
  2. When is the global release of the Water & Garri soundtrack?
    • The Water & Garri soundtrack is set for a global release on May 10th, coinciding with the movie’s premiere.
  3. Who are the producers of the song “Lost Time”?
    • “Lost Time” was co-produced by Needlz and Poo Bear, adding to its emotional depth and musical richness.
  4. What can fans expect from the Water & Garri soundtrack?
    • The soundtrack promises a diverse range of songs that complement the movie’s narrative, showcasing Tiwa Savage’s versatility as an artist.
  5. Is “Lost Time” a ballad?
    • Yes, “Lost Time” is a ballad that captures the essence of longing and reunion, making it a poignant addition to the soundtrack.
  6. Where can fans watch “Water & Garri”?
    • “Water & Garri” will premiere on Amazon Prime Video, offering fans around the world the chance to enjoy Tiwa Savage’s performance on screen.
  7. What makes “Lost Time” stand out?
    • “Lost Time” stands out for its emotive lyrics, powerful vocals, and the ability to evoke strong emotions, making it a standout track on the soundtrack.


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