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Top African American Scholarships to Apply in 2024


If you dive deep into historical facts, you will see that access to higher education has not always been equally accessible to everyone. Even in today’s world, which at first glance is extremely well-developed, attending higher educational establishments is still something unattainable in some regions.

A lot of groups, including African American students, were not allowed to pursue higher education. It was not until 1799 that John Chavis, a Presbyterian minister and teacher, became the first known black person to attend university or college in the US.

Considering the thorny path of black Americans to university-level education, it’s no wonder many college scholarships for African American students aim to help young people manage their academic journey. The top best scholarships listed in this article are designed for African American students and provided by different certified organizations.

Scholarships for African American Students

As more colleges and organizations make diversity their priority, the availability of scholarships for African American students has noticeably increased. This, in turn, provided them with more opportunities to receive financial help and pursue their academic dreams.

Generation Google African American Scholarships

Application deadline: February – May

Award: up to $10,000

The Generation Google scholarship for African American males and females is provided for those looking to study computer science, computer engineering, or software engineering. The applicants are welcome to browse scholarships for undergraduate and graduate degrees. The scholarship in 2024 is available for students who demonstrate strong academic performance and come from groups like Native Hawaiian/Filipino/Pacific Islander, Black/African American, Latino/Hispanic, or American Indian.

Michael Jackson Scholarship

Application deadline: February 29, 2024

Award: up to $4,000

The Michael Jackson Endowed Scholarship is provided for undergrads engaged in performing or communication arts who study in a UNCF university or college. The candidates should have at least a 3.0 GPA on the 4.0 scale. What is more, every student is required to deal with things like scholarship essays. In order to write a paper, the applicants should check out the whole list of instructions given within the appropriate section of the application. Whenever dealing with a scholarship application essay urgently, do not hesitate to consult professionals at FastEssay to order an essay online or any other trusted service since the application paper must be flawless.

Arthur L. Littleworth BBK Diversity Scholarship

Application deadline: March 1, 2024

Award: $10,000

Arthur L. Littleworth BBK Diversity Scholarship is available for young people who are passionate about water law and will be sophomores or college first-year students during the academic year 2024. It is important to review all the guidelines for the Arthur L. Littleworth BBK Diversity Scholarship before you complete the application since candidates who fail to meet the minimum requirements won’t be considered.

The Gates Scholarship

Application deadline: September 15

Award: 100% scholarship includes costs for fees and tuition, transportation, room and board, books, etc. Personal expenses may be included as well.


These scholarships for African American college students are provided for young people with a GPA of 3.3 or higher. To get the Gates Scholarship, every candidate must meet the Pell Grant eligibility.  Candidates can pick a major in any field of study to receive financial aid for 5 years. Keep in mind that the Gates Scholarship does not fund graduate programs.

Coca-Cola Foundation First-Generation HBCU Scholarship

Application deadline: March 8, 2024

Award: up to $10,000


If you’re going to be a full-time freshman at a college that is a member of TMCF, the Cola Foundation First-Generation HBCU Scholarship could be an excellent option for the 2024-2025 academic year.  One of the key requirements is that the candidate must be a first-generation college student who has at least a 2.5 GPA.

The Essence Scholars Program

Application deadline: October 15, 2024

Award: $10,000

The Essence Scholars Program is a unique opportunity for female students who enrolled in the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) college, Hampton University, or Howard University. Every applicant must have a GPA of 3.0 and demonstrate financial need.

The African American First-Generation MARCH Foundation & Bill Dickey Scholarship

Application deadline: May 2024

Award: $5,000 per year (for four years)

If you’re a first-generation African American student, consider applying for the MARCH Foundation & Bill Dickey Scholarships. To get a four-year grant, you will need at least a GPA of 2.5. At the same time, every candidate must demonstrate strong leadership qualities and financial need.

Tips to Choose College Scholarships for African American Students

Finding college scholarships takes more than just a quick coffee break in the afternoon. You have to start as early as you possibly can and browse loads of websites to find what complies with your demands. There are many scholarships out there tailored for African American students with particular talents, interests, skills, extracurricular activities, and so on. To help you along the way, we provided some crucial things to keep in mind:

  • Talk to your academic advisor. If you’re a high school student now, approach your school counselor. An expert may recommend a scholarship that works best for you and help create your financial plan.
  • Check out HBCUs. The reality is that in the past, HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) were the only higher educational institutions that let black students enroll. A lot of colleges and universities from the category still provide financial aid for African American undergraduates.
  • Benefit from your network. Whether you attend some theater workshops, church group meetings, or a soccer club, ensure to approach people there for recommendations on scholarships for African American students.
  • Take the ACT/SAT. A lot of scholarships require candidates to take some tests, including ACT and SAT. Ensure to take those tests in order to have results to meet the scholarship requirements.
  • Work on your GPA. Almost every scholarship application requires students to provide their GPA. The higher it is, the more chances the candidates have to enroll in their dream college. If you are already in your junior or senior high school year, do your best to boost your GPA to reach the required level. There are many financial aid options for undergrads with lower GPAs, but aiming high should be your priority.

Wrapping Up

Chances are you may investigate tons of scholarships before you find the most suitable program for your academic requirements. Be patient, keep your goals in mind, and your GPA up high. Even if you don’t get as many sources of financial aid as you need, that’s OK. After all, good things take time; great things take a little longer.


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