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South Africa Readies Launch of Digital Nomad Visa for Global Remote Workers


South Africa is on the verge of introducing a digital nomad visa, joining the ranks of countries welcoming remote workers.

The Department of Home Affairs has announced plans to launch this visa, permitting individuals from other nations to reside and work in South Africa.

In his recent weekly newsletter, President Cyril Ramaphosa revealed that the Department of Home Affairs has drafted amendments to existing immigration regulations to accommodate two new visa categories: a remote working visa and a critical skills visa.

This initiative aims to bolster South Africa’s efforts in attracting workers possessing essential skills to the country.

President Ramaphosa emphasized that the introduction of a remote working visa addresses the shifting landscape of employment, where a growing number of skilled professionals, particularly in the technology sector, are drawn to the lifestyle advantages of remote work.

This visa also caters to digital nomads, who can perform their work duties virtually from any location worldwide.

“A remote worker employed by a foreign company who desires to work in South Africa can obtain such a visa.

International experience indicates that employees possessing critical skills contribute to heightened productivity, increased innovation, and enhanced competitiveness for the firms they serve,” remarked President Ramaphosa in his newsletter.

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Eligibility Criteria and Operational Details of South Africa’s Prospective Digital Nomad Visa

The Department of Home Affairs emphasized that inclusion in South Africa’s critical skills list, targeting positions with high local demand, requires meeting specific criteria, including a minimum annual income of at least R1 million ($55,000).

This requirement aims to ensure that individuals can make significant contributions to the local economy while maintaining a high standard of living.

President Cyril Ramaphosa highlighted that the proposed draft regulations would introduce a points system for critical skills visas.

This system will consider various factors, including age, qualifications, language proficiency, work experience, and having a job offer, among others.

This points-based approach aims to streamline the visa application process and ensure that skilled workers who can positively impact South Africa’s economy are prioritized.




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