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Bella Shmurda – Oghene (feat. Zlatan and Jeriq)


In a vibrant showcase of his evolving artistry, the prolific Nigerian musician Bella Shmurda has released his latest single, “Oghene.”

This track is not just a song, but a celebration of musical collaboration, featuring the iconic Nigerian rapper and singer Zlatan, along with the talented Jeriq.

The song is a highlight of Bella Shmurda’s newly released EP, “R2 Sept 12 Ep,” a tribute to Mobad

“R2 Sept 12 Ep” A Tribute to Mobad

Bella Shmurda’s “R2 Sept 12 Ep” consists of six exceptional tracks, a full-fledged project dedicated to his late friend, Mohbad.

The new EP, titled ‘R2 Sept 12‘ – a clear reference to the date of Mohbad’s passing in September 12, 2023, is a heartfelt tribute from one brother to another.

The project delves into Bella Shmurda’s raw and unfiltered grief. The first, second, third, and fifth tracks are an exploration of his personal loss, a sonic manifestation of the pain he carries.

Each song on these tracks is likely to be a unique expression of his struggle to come to terms with Mohbad’s absence.

However, the fourth track offers a glimmer of hope. Here, Bella Shmurda is joined by the dynamic duo of Zlatan and Jeriq.

Together, they create an upbeat and energetic Ogene-infused track. It’s a momentary break from the grief, a chance to remember Mohbad with a smile, before diving back into the emotional depths of the other tracks.

Bella Shmurda – Loner

Audience Reception and Critical Acclaim

Since its release, “Oghene” has garnered significant attention and praise from Bella Shmurda’s fans. Its upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics make it a favorite at parties and gatherings, while the depth of its musical composition has earned respect from critics and aficionados of Afrobeat music.

Critical Reviews

Music critics have noted “Oghene” as a standout track, praising its innovative blend of traditional and contemporary elements.

Conclusion: Bella Shmurda’s Musical Journey Continues

With the release of “Oghene,” Bella Shmurda reaffirms his status as a powerhouse in the Afrobeat scene. His ability to innovate within the genre and collaborate effectively with other artists like Zlatan and Jeriq showcases his dynamism and dedication to his craft.


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