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Beyonce’s Self-Funded Venture: The Story Behind Cecred Haircare Line


Beyonce, known for her iconic music career, is not just a powerhouse in the entertainment industry but also a formidable force in the business world.

The singer has recently unveiled her latest venture, Cecred, a science-based hair care line. What sets Cecred apart is that it’s entirely self-funded, without any external investors.

The Creation of Cecred

The journey to create Cecred spanned six years, marked by rigorous sample testing and navigating through dubious investment pitches.

Beyonce’s determination and vision fueled the brand, making it fully backed by her. In an official launch announcement, Beyonce expressed her pride in finally revealing the result of years of hard work.

Prioritizing Scientific Innovation

As a black founder, Beyonce recognized the need for healthy hair care, particularly for textured hair like hers. Cecred was born out of the need for more moisture and strength in hair products.

Beyonce’s diverse hairstyles over the years, from natural to weaves, influenced the creation of Cecred’s essentials for hair and scalp health.

Inclusive Force of Excellence

Beyonce’s vision for Cecred extends beyond just creating hair care products. She aims to be an inclusive force of excellence in the industry, celebrating hair rituals across global cultures.

By dispelling hair myths and misconceptions, Beyonce hopes to empower people to express themselves through their hair.

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Funding and Self-Reliance

Funding was a crucial aspect of Cecred’s creation, especially considering the disparities in venture capital funding for black women.

Beyonce emphasized that she built Cecred from the ground up and funded it entirely herself, a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to her vision.

Beyonce’s Entrepreneurial Portfolio

Cecred is not Beyonce’s first foray into entrepreneurship. She previously introduced the House of Dereon, a contemporary women’s fashion line.

Additionally, she established 22 Days Nutrition, an on-demand meal delivery service based on vegan food culture. Beyonce’s fragrance line, Beyonce Heat, has also been a commercial success, earning her millions.

Diverse Income Streams

Apart from her businesses, Beyonce earns from endorsement deals and social media postings. She recently ranked among the highest-paid black celebrities on Instagram.

Together with her husband, Jay-Z, Beyonce’s net worth exceeds $3 billion, with her personal net worth estimated at $800 million by Forbes.


Beyonce’s entrepreneurial journey with Cecred showcases her commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and self-reliance.

Her ventures not only reflect her diverse talents but also her desire to empower others. Cecred stands as a testament to Beyonce’s entrepreneurial prowess and her dedication to creating impactful brands.


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