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Burna Boy – Tested, Approved & Trusted (Major League DJz Mix) + Video


In the ever-evolving landscape of global music, Nigerian Afrobeats superstar Burna Boy continues to set the bar high with his latest offering, “Tested, Approved & Trusted (Amapiano Mix).”

This track is not just another single; it’s a musical revolution, blending the infectious rhythms of Amapiano with Burna Boy’s signature Afrofusion sound.

A New Chapter in Musical Excellence

Burna Boy, a maestro in the Afrofusion genre, has once again proven his versatility and innovative spirit with the release of “Tested, Approved & Trusted (Amapiano Mix).”

This track is a testament to his relentless pursuit of musical evolution, offering fans a fresh and exhilarating sound that stays true to his African roots while exploring new sonic landscapes.

The Amapiano Phenomenon

  • What is Amapiano?: Amapiano is a vibrant blend of deep house, jazz, and lounge music originating from South Africa, known for its synths, airy pads, and wide percussive basslines.
  • Burna Boy’s Twist: Incorporating Amapiano’s groovy beats into his Afrofusion style, Burna Boy creates a unique sound that is both groundbreaking and irresistibly danceable.

An All-Star Collaboration

Joining forces with Burna Boy on this track is the award-winning Major League DJz, a duo that has been instrumental in popularizing the Amapiano sound globally.

Their contribution adds a rich layer of authenticity and depth to the mix, making “Tested, Approved & Trusted (Amapiano Mix)” a powerful collaboration that bridges continents.

The Production Dream Team

Behind the magic of “Tested, Approved & Trusted (Amapiano Mix)” is a team of world-class producers: Yeti Beats, Adrian X, David Sprecher, Soraya Lapread, and Adrian Eccleston.

Their collective expertise has crafted a production that is both polished and dynamic, ensuring that every beat and melody in the song resonates with listeners around the world.

A Must-Have Track for Music Aficionados

“Tested, Approved & Trusted (Amapiano Mix)” is more than just a song; it’s a musical experience. Its captivating melody, combined with Burna Boy’s lyrical prowess and the infectious Amapiano beat, makes it a standout record that belongs on every playlist.

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The Buzz Around the Release

Since its release, the track has garnered mixed reactions, sparking lively discussions among fans and music critics alike.

While some praise it as a hit that pushes creative boundaries, others view it as an unnecessary departure from Burna Boy’s usual style.

Regardless of the varied opinions, the song has undeniably generated significant buzz and highlighted the diverse tastes of the global music community.

In Conclusion

With “Tested, Approved & Trusted (Amapiano Mix),” Burna Boy once again demonstrates why he’s a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

This track is not only a bold exploration of new sounds but also a celebration of African music’s influence on the global stage.

As Burna Boy continues to experiment and innovate, he invites us all to open our ears and hearts to the limitless possibilities of music.


  1. Who is Burna Boy?
    • Burna Boy is a Grammy-winning Nigerian artist known for blending Afrobeat with reggae, dancehall, and American rap to create the Afrofusion genre.
  2. What makes Amapiano unique?
    • Amapiano is characterized by its blend of deep house, jazz, and lounge music, distinguished by its rhythmic basslines and soulful melodies.
  3. Who are Major League DJz?
    • Major League DJz are a South African DJ duo known for their significant contributions to the Amapiano genre.
  4. Why has “Tested, Approved & Trusted (Amapiano Mix)” received mixed reactions?
    • The mixed reactions stem from differing listener expectations and opinions on Burna Boy’s experimentation with the Amapiano sound.
  5. Where can I listen to “Tested, Approved & Trusted (Amapiano Mix)”?
    • The track is available on all major digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.
  6. What does the collaboration between Burna Boy and Major League DJz signify?
    • Their collaboration represents a fusion of West African and South African musical influences, showcasing the unity and diversity of African music.
  7. Will “Tested, Approved & Trusted (Amapiano Mix)” influence future music trends?
    • Given Burna Boy’s influence and the growing popularity of Amapiano, this track could very well set the stage for more Afrofusion and Amapiano collaborations in the future.


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