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How to get from Cairo to Luxor in Spring


The most essential part of any trip to Egypt is going on a Nile River Cruise which involves traveling from Cairo to Luxor as most cruises depart from there.

The distance between the two cities is 670 km and takes about eight hours to cover without traffic,but that usually is not the case and takes closer to 12 hours due to other delays

For international travelers arriving in Egypt,the main arrival point is the international airport in Cairo,so the issue is about getting to Luxor from there as the distance is long and the internal transport network in Egypt is confusing for the first time visitor. Here are some viable options on how to get from Cairo to Luxor.

By Air

Duration: 1 hour,but in total 4-5 hrs taking into consideration transfer to and fro and waiting at the airport.

This is the fastest way to reach Luxor providing you have the budget.Egypt Air operates four flights a day and saves nearly eight hours of travel time as compared to other modes of travel.

The two other airlines that operate flights to Luxor from Cairo are Air Cairo and Nile Air. A one way ticket to Luxor costs between $70-$80 and a round trip between $120-$140. Prices on all airlines are similar, irrespective of time and date.

There are multiple flights a day from 6am to as late as 11pm. Book a few months in advance to get a ticket at the lowest range.


Buses departs from Giza or Tahir bus station to Luxor and tickets can be booked online at or at the bus station.

This is a popular mode of travel as the buses are clean and relatively new. Tickets cost between $13-$26 depending on the route. The most popular is the Elite bus night service.


 Duration: 10 hours.

 This is another option to go to Luxor from Cairo via three different train companies namely Spanish Express,The VIP express and the Ordinary train service.

If you are looking for an authentic Egyptian train experience,catch the VIP express in the AC1 class. You can book on the government site or in person at the station.

Another good option is the overnight Watania sleeper train,a cost-effective way to get to Luxor as it saves you a night at a hotel$80-$120 for a berth)


 Duration:11-12 days

Providing you have the time and money this is one of the most picturesque ways to travel from Cairo to Luxor. Prices depend on the luxury you want but are much higher($2000-$5000) than other modes of transport as apart from accommodation, food, entrance tickets to sights are included.

The cruise includes a stay of a few days in Cairo to explore the local attractions and visit nearby places like Beni Hassan,Asyut and Tuna el Gebel, while the voyage further to Luxor involves for a few days at the end as well.


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