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Lagos, Nigeria – The Future Fashion Capital in the World


The fashion trend in Lagos Nigeria is at its peak and it is deemed to be the Fashion Capital of the World.

Since the start of Lagos Style Week in 2011, the city’s design industry has rapidly developed to acquire a standing as Africa’s fashion capital.

Starting with generally local talents displaying their collections, Lagos fashion Week has developed to incorporate designers from all over Africa and the event is presently highly recognized globally.

Lagos is an energetic and a clamoring city and the neighborhood design matches that.

Style in Lagos is vivid, fun and diverse. Lagosians love to stand out and push limits with their dress decisions, embracing the disposition that the greater the assertion, the better.

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Lagos, Nigeria - The Future Fashion Capital in the World

Key Fashion Events and Attractions in Lagos, The Future Fashion Capital of the World

Lagos Fashion Week (every October)

Commending the new collections of the absolute best designers, Lagos Fashion Week intends to position the Nigerian fashion industry among the world’s best.

Lagos Fashion Fair (every September)

Bringing together the greatest names in the fashion industry, Lagos Fashion Fair is a worldwide fashion display exhibiting African fashion design.

The expense of shopping

Some pants will cost a normal of
$10-$41 USD/£8-£32

A summer dress will cost a normal of
$12-$41 USD/£10-£32

A couple of running shoes will cost a normal of
$33-$83 USD/£26-£64

Top Fashion school in Lagos

Lagos Fashion and Art Foundation

It is one of the best fashion schools in Lagos, Nigeria. It offers training basically in fashion Courses are short and some can be finished on the web.

Where to shop

For brands

Palms Shopping center is one of Lagos’ greatest shopping outlets and is home to a choice of recognizable Nigerian and worldwide brands.

For boutiques

Victoria Island is one of the most outstanding shopping regions in Lagos, known for its very good quality stores selling everything from custom suits and calfskin sacks to jewel rings.

For market slows down

Loaded with arts and craft, clothing, customary textures and extras, Lagos’ Lekki Market is a great spot for finding treasures at a deal cost.

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The Fashion capital of the World

FRANCE, The Fashion Capital of the World

Tracing all the way back to the fifteenth hundred years, Paris is the incontestable fashion capital of the world and the city of the world’s top style/fashion design brands.

Aside from amazing touring and tasty food, Paris has birthed the absolute most unmistakable fashion names in the high fashion world.

From Christian Dior and Coco Chanel and from Hubert de Givenchy to Yves Holy person Laurent and Louis Vuitton, Paris has a designer and a shop for each taste.

Paris is the world’s number one fashion destination.

United Kingdom, The Fashion Capital of the World

London, the world’s financial capital for over 10 years is second only to Paris as the fashion capital of the world.

London’s power as a world fashion design capital stems from its extraordinary history and culture, fashion schools which have developed remarkable fashion styles.

London’s renowned fashion schools are the best internationally, generating a large number of years arising fashion creators that arrive at worldwide popularity, like Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Sir Paul Smith, and Christopher Kane.

New York
US, The Fashion Capital of the World

With many inventive fashion designers that show desired assortments consistently, New York is praised as the second-best fashion capital of the world, just after Paris.

The bustling city of design and business assembles probably the greatest names in design and the most stylish and pattern forward participants during New York Style Week.

From Ralph Lauren to Conservative Bruch, and from Vera Wang to Marc Jacobs, Rick Owens, and Donna Karan, New York City is inseparable from famous high-road and extravagance fashion designers.

ITALY, The Fashion Capital of the World

Seen by numerous pundits as the exemplification of extravagance and complexity, Milan is the city of top designer brands like Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Gucci, Prada, Dolce and Gabanna, and Gimmo Etro.

Hailed as one of the world’s fashion capitals, Milan displays the most elite as far as high quality craftsmanship, oddity plans, and top-of-the-indent textures.

JAPAN, The Fashion Capital of the World

One of the new participants in the top 10 fashion capitals of the world in 2022, Tokyo is the capital of Japan and a city that really focuses on elective design.

Diverse, intense, and lively, Tokyo is the home to probably the most conspicuous present day style architects like Rei Kawakubo, Issey Miyake, Kenzō Takada, and Yohji Yamamoto.

Tokyo has turned into the second-biggest market for extravagance products as of late, exhibiting an exceptional capacity to consolidate customary Japanese fashion with streetwear culture and top of the line designers.

SPAIN, The Fashion Capital of the World

One of the world’s diverse, dynamic, and comprehensive fashion capitals, Madrid is inseparable from custom, imagination, and tastefulness.

Significant style players like Cristóbal Balenciaga, Loewe, Manuel Piña, Jesús del Pozo, Roberto Verino, Adolfo Dominguez, and Sybilla Sorondo grandstand their assortments consistently.

The city’s renaissance and contemporary historical centers, radiant blue skies, and numerous craftsmanship exhibitions make it quite possibly of the most sought after objective in Europe.

Madrid takes sixth spot in the best fashion capitals of the world for its uncommon mix of traditional fashion schools, developing interest in feasible style, and interesting high quality specialties.

SOUTH KOREA, The Fashion Capital of the World

Fashion Capitals – Seoul

Korean fashion has overwhelmed the world with numerous self-laid out youthful designers earning global respect as of late,

As one of the top fashion capitals of the world, Seoul is known for offering exceptional and contemporary streetwear motivation.

Numerous K-pop fans name the city the central hub of style; nonetheless, Seoul Design Week dates to 1987.

Offering an incredible assortment of intense, lively, and glittery styles, Seoul’s roads are immersed by fashion editors, forces to be reckoned with, and style clever customers.

Probably the best Korean fashion designers worth focusing on are Dong Jun Kang, Hyein Web optimization, and Younchan Chung.

Guests can appreciate remarkable Korean design as well as smooth high rises, tremendous shopping centers, effortlessly attractive areas, and scrumptious neighborhood food.

Fashion Capitals – Toronto

Toronto is promoted as the more modest adaptation of New York City in regard to fashion, social variety, and business.

Dynamic, multicultural, and present-day, the city’s design scene is blasting with imaginative designs, new businesses, and inventiveness.

With brands like Roots and Club Monaco, and Architects like David Dixon bringing in their home, Toronto fashion Week is one of the most anticipated expected bi-yearly occasions.

Guests can visit Nordstrom at its northern end and Saks Fifth Road to overhaul their extravagance design turn or select retro deal finds.


Berlin Germany comes in as number eight in our main 10 fashion capitals of the world

Granted the ‘City of Design’ by UNESCO, the city draws consistent motivation from its verifiable past.

The consolidation of styles is in many cases perceived in the sublime pieces of Hugo Boss, a German fashion symbol of contemporary times.

Lately, Berlin’s style tech local area has assumed control over the dressing business with advancements in design mechanizing, and personalization.

Similarly, Berlin is at the front of sustainable fashion, with numerous designers utilizing vegetarian leather choices and eco-accommodating materials.

This style capital of the world knows how to advance moral attire, slow design, and practical dress, as The Ethical Design Show and Green Display area are the two most famous occasions during Berlin Design Week.

Berlin is an extraordinary city to find cutting-edge design, and moreover, you’ll get to encounter the celebrated craftsmanship scene, incredible nightlife, and numerous verifiable historical centers.

Design Capitals – Mumbai

Mumbai is India’s business capital and one of the quickest developing fashion capitals of the world.

Remaining consistent with their legacy, brilliant sprinkles of variety, handloom, and advanced prints rule the fashion scene.

With the Lakmé India Fashion Week and Amazon India Fashion Week, guests can encounter the city’s assorted nature while finding numerous nearby and global design brands.

Aside from style inspo, the conspicuous fashion capital of the world is notable for its engineering, exhibition halls, delightful sea shores, and rich history.

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For a really long time, black culture and legacy has been overlooked in style and imaginative enterprises. New designers are utilizing the art and customs of Africa and infusing hand winds around, conventional coloring, batik prints, and weavings into current shapes and assortments.

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