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Forbes 30 Under 30 Africa Class of 2024: Celebrating a Decade of Innovation


As the sun rises on a new decade of Forbes’ influential 30 Under 30 lists, the 2024 edition shines a spotlight on a remarkable group of young visionaries.

These individuals are not only shaping the future of Africa but are also making significant marks on the global stage.

In its 10th year, the Forbes 30 Under 30 Africa Class of 2024 embodies the spirit of innovation, social impact, and entrepreneurial drive that is catapulting the continent into a new era of growth and development.

The Power of Youth: Africa’s Demographic Advantage

Africa stands as the youngest continent in the world—an asset that could potentially reshape not only its own destiny but also influence global economic trends.

According to the United Nations, 70% of Sub-Saharan Africa’s population is under the age of 30, with projections suggesting that more than a third of the world’s youth will reside in Africa by 2050.

This youthful energy is a powerful catalyst for change, driving innovation and pushing boundaries in various sectors.

Harnessing Potential: The Role of Young Entrepreneurs

The 2024 Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30 list is a testament to the potential that young Africans hold.

This year’s theme, “Passion, Purpose, and a Decade of the 30 Under 30 List,” celebrates the relentless spirit of these young leaders.

They are not only pursuing their passions but are also purpose-driven, focusing on creating sustainable solutions that address both local and global challenges.

Spotlight on Innovation and Social Impact

From tech startups disrupting traditional industries to social entrepreneurs tackling poverty and inequality, the individuals on this list are redefining what it means to be a leader in the modern world. Their work spans several sectors:

  • Technology: Innovators who are digitizing essential services, improving access to information, and creating scalable solutions that enhance productivity.
  • Social Impact: Visionaries dedicated to improving lives through education, healthcare, and sustainable development initiatives.
  • Entrepreneurship: Bold individuals who are building businesses that not only aim to be profitable but also socially responsible and environmentally sustainable.

These young leaders are not just participants in their fields—they are trailblazers who are actively molding the future narrative of Africa.

Gender Dynamics: Shaping the Future

A significant aspect of this year’s list is its focus on the role of women in shaping Africa’s future.

Experts believe that the future of Africa’s wealth is young and female, indicating a shift towards more inclusive economic growth models.

Women on the 30 Under 30 list are founding companies, leading innovations, and breaking barriers in traditionally male-dominated industries.

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Impact Stories: Personal Journeys of the 30 Under 30

Each individual on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list has a unique story that inspires and motivates.

These stories are not just about personal success; they are about resilience, overcoming challenges, and a commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Through their journeys, these young leaders demonstrate the power of youth and the potential of a single individual to bring about substantial change.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Africa’s Global Influence

The Forbes 30 Under 30 list is more than just an acknowledgment of individual achievements; it’s a celebration of Africa’s collective future.

It highlights the continent’s readiness to take a central role in the global marketplace, thanks to its innovative young minds.

As Africa continues to grow economically and its young population harnesses new technologies and entrepreneurship, the continent is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the 21st century.


Name Country Age Profession Industry
Alex Mativo Kenya 29 CEO and Co-founder, E-LAB, Nanasi and Duck Multiple ventures
Ann-Kathrin Joos South Africa 28 CEO and Founder, Standard Beauty Beauty
Vimbai Masiyiwa Zimbabwe 29 CEO, Batoka Hospitality Tourism
Andrew Ddembe Uganda 28 Co-founder and CEO, MobiKlinic Healthtech
Chad Jones South Africa 28 Social Media Content Creator and Brand Influencer Social media
Adedamola Oyinlola Adefolahan (Fireboy DML) Nigeria 28 Singer-songwriter Entertainment
Tyla Laura Seethal South Africa 22 Singer-Songwriter Entertainment
Ayushi Chandaria Kenya 26 Founder, Design Thinking Program (Kenya) Education
Ama Qamata South Africa 25 Actress, Producer Entertainment
Daniel Novitzkas South Africa 28 Co-founder and Chairman of the Board, Specno Software Development and Technology Solutions
Prisca Wegesa Magori Tanzania 29 CEO and Co-founder, TenTen Explore and Smart EFD Software Development
Luke Mostert South Africa 27 Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, CatalyzU Venture Capital
Arooj Sheikh Kenya 28 Founder and CEO, Beyond Kenyan Bars Social development
Kenneth M. Njeru Kenya 25 Director and Founder, Africa Afya Healthcare Health Investment Services
Cayley Jorgensen South Africa 29 CEO and Founder, Ingage Support; Registered Counselor Mental health
Hildah Magaia South Africa 29 Forward for Mazatlán F.C Femenil and Banyana Banyana Sport – Football
Victor Osimhen Nigeria 25 Footballer and Striker for Super Eagles Sport – Football
Tobi Amusan Nigeria 26 Track and Field Athlete Sport – Athletics
Damian Willemse South Africa 25 Stormers and Springboks rugby player Sport – Rugby
Ricardo Lognath South Africa 29 Co-Founder and CEO, Omninela Medical Healthcare/E-commerce
Nicolas Lognath South Africa 27 Co-Founder and Director, Omninela Medical Healthcare/E-commerce
Ruth Erikan James Nigeria 29 Founder, Veekee James Fashion
Shaun Maswanganyi South Africa 23 Track and Field Athlete Sport – Athletics
Jeremiah Thoronka Sierra Leone 24 Founder and CEO, Optim Energy Climate Change and Sustainability (Social Impact)
Calvin Usiri Tanzania 28 Co-founder and CTO, Ramani Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Peace Wutawunashe Zimbabwe 27 Founder, Trigershot Engineering Solar/Renewable Energy
Esethu Cenga South Africa 29 Co-founder and CEO, Rewoven Fashion
Josiah Akinloye Nigeria 29 Founder and CEO, Mainlogix Technology Automation and Technology
Abioye Oyetunji Ghana 29 Founder and CEO, FXKudi Fintech
Nadine Roos South Africa 27 South African Rugby Union (Springboks) and Sevens player Sport – Rugby

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African Countries Leading Contributors to the 2024 Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30 List

Rank Country Number of honorees Honorees
1. South Africa 14 Ann-Kathrin Joos, Chad Jones, Tyla Laura Seethal, Ama Qamata, Daniel Novitzkas, Luke Mostert, Cayley Jorgensen, Hildah Magaia, Damian Willemse, Ricardo Lognath, Nicolas Lognath, Shaun Maswanganyi, Esethu Cenga, Nadine Roos
2. Nigeria 5 Adedamola Oyinlola Adefolahan (Fireboy DML), Victor Osimhen, Tobi Amusan, Ruth Erikan James, Josiah Akinloye
3. Kenya 4 Alex Mativo, Ayushi Chandaria, Arooj Sheikh, Kenneth M. Njeru,
4. Tanzania 2 Prisca Wegesa Magori, Calvin Usiri
5. Zimbabwe 2 Vimbai Masiyiwa, Peace Wutawunashe
6. Ghana 1 Abioye Oyetunji
7. Sierra Leone 1 Jeremiah Thoronka
8. Uganda 1 Andrew Ddembe

Conclusion: A Decade of Transformation

Reflecting on the past decade, the Forbes 30 Under 30 list has not only celebrated young talent but also signaled emerging trends and opportunities within Africa.

As we look forward, the promise of this vibrant continent is unlimited.

With each passing year, these young leaders continue to break new ground, ensuring that the story of Africa is one of hope, innovation, and endless possibilities.

FAQs About Forbes 30 Under 30 Africa

  1. What is the Forbes 30 Under 30 List?
    • The Forbes 30 Under 30 list annually recognizes 30 individuals under the age of 30 who are making significant impacts in their respective fields, ranging from business and technology to arts and social entrepreneurship.
  2. How are nominees for the Forbes 30 Under 30 Africa selected?
    • Nominees are selected based on their achievements, potential to influence their industries, and their capacity to drive change across the continent and globally.
  3. Why is the Forbes 30 Under 30 list important for Africa?
    • It highlights the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of young Africans, inspiring others and attracting global attention and investment to the continent.
  4. How can one be nominated for the Forbes 30 Under 30?
    • Candidates can be nominated by peers, mentors, or through self-nomination via the Forbes website during the nomination period.
  5. What impact does the Forbes 30 Under 30 list have on the individuals selected?
    • Being selected often leads to increased visibility, networking opportunities, and potential funding and partnership opportunities.
  6. Are there any success stories from past Forbes 30 Under 30 Africa alumni?
    • Many alumni have gone on to expand their businesses, receive significant funding, and make substantial impacts in their communities and industries.
  7. What trends are emerging from the Forbes 30 Under 30 lists?
    • Recent lists have shown a strong trend towards technology, sustainable development, and an increasing number of female entrepreneurs.


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