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Future & Metro Boomin – We Still Don’t Trust You ft The Weeknd


In the realm of modern hip-hop, few tracks explore the complexities of fame and broken relationships as poignantly as “We Still Don’t Trust You,” a collaboration between Metro Boomin, Future, and The Weeknd.

This song melds dark, atmospheric beats with evocative lyrics, creating a soundscape that’s both entrancing and unsettling.

The Soundscape: Crafting Darkness and Energy

The track begins with a pulsating rhythm reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s iconic “Billie Jean,” setting a stage that is both familiar and distinctly modern.

Future’s opening chants introduce a sense of foreboding, while The Weeknd’s ethereal vocals inject a layer of emotional fragility.

Key Elements of the Track:

  • Introductory Beats: Echoes of “Billie Jean” with a dark twist.
  • Future’s Chants: An ominous warning that sets the tone.
  • The Weeknd’s Vocals: A delicate contrast adding to the emotional depth.

As the song progresses, a dance-inspired breakdown momentarily lifts the atmosphere, injecting an energetic pulse that briefly dispels the shadows before returning to the deeper, lingering themes of mistrust and betrayal.

Lyrical Journey: Between Adoration and Accusation

“We Still Don’t Trust You” navigates the tumultuous waters of a celebrity relationship gone sour. The lyrics craft a vivid narrative of fame’s dual-edged sword—external adoration versus internal decay.

Contrasting Perspectives:

  • The Weeknd’s View: He sings of the allure of fame and how it draws lovers into the limelight, complicating personal relationships.
  • Accusatory Chorus: Both artists reflect on the broken trust that seems beyond repair, highlighting the ongoing tension and unresolved issues.

The term “freak,” repeated throughout the track, serves as a poignant metaphor for the initial allure and subsequent suspicions that taint their perception of each other.

Listen to We Still Don’t Trust You 

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In-Depth Analysis: Emotional Resonance and Production Brilliance

Produced by Metro Boomin, “We Still Don’t Trust You” is a masterclass in atmospheric music production.

The track skillfully balances the raw emotional input of The Weeknd’s and Future’s vocals with a backdrop that complements and enhances the lyrical content, creating a mesmerizing listening experience.

Conclusion: A Modern Anthem of Mistrust and Heartbreak

“We Still Don’t Trust You” stands out as a poignant reflection on the complexities of relationships in the spotlight.

Metro Boomin, Future, and The Weeknd have created a track that not only resonates with listeners but also invites them to explore the deeper emotional undercurrents of celebrity and connectivity.

As the music fades, the echoes of mistrust and the search for resolution linger, making this song a haunting reminder of the fragility of trust.

FAQs About “We Still Don’t Trust You”

  1. Who produced “We Still Don’t Trust You”?
    • The track was produced by the renowned producer Metro Boomin.
  2. What themes does “We Still Don’t Trust You” explore?
    • It delves into themes of broken trust, the impact of fame on relationships, and the mutual pain caused by emotional betrayal.
  3. How do The Weeknd’s vocals influence the track?
    • His airy, fragile vocals add a layer of emotional depth and contrast sharply with the darker tones of the music and themes.
  4. What role does Future play in the song?
    • Future’s vocals set an ominous tone and express the theme of distrust and betrayal.
  5. Is there a music video for the song?
    • For updates on a potential music video release, check the artists’ official channels.
  6. How has the song been received by audiences?
    • The song has captivated audiences with its deep emotional themes and atmospheric production.
  7. Where can I listen to “We Still Don’t Trust You”?
    • The track is available on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and others.


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