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Kendrick Lamar – “6:16 in LA”


In a surprising turn of events, Kendrick Lamar has once again taken aim at Drake with his latest track, “6:16 in LA,” released on Friday, May 3.

This track follows closely on the heels of Lamar’s previous diss track, “Euphoria,” and it seems that the feud between these two rap giants is far from over.

Lamar’s Accusations

In “6:16 in LA,” Lamar accuses Drake of having traitors within his own camp, suggesting that members of the OVO team are leaking information to their rivals.

He name-drops individuals like Akademiks and Zack Bia, who are affiliated with Drake, implying that they may be involved in the alleged betrayal.


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A Blistering Attack

Lamar’s lyrics pull no punches, with lines like “Fake bully, I hate bullies” and “You must be a terrible person” directed at Drake.

He suggests that there is internal dissent within Drake’s team, with members supposedly whispering that Drake deserves the backlash he is receiving.

Lamar also makes a playful reference to Drake’s hit song “Toosie Slide,” implying that Drake won’t be able to dance his way out of this feud.

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Social Media Reacts

Following the release of “6:16 in LA,” social media exploded with reactions from fans, critics, and more. Many praised Lamar’s lyrical prowess and his willingness to take on one of the biggest names in the rap industry.

Others criticized the timing of the release, coming so soon after “Euphoria,” and questioned whether the feud between Lamar and Drake was genuine or just a ploy for publicity.

The Feud Continues

With “6:16 in LA,” Kendrick Lamar has once again thrown down the gauntlet in his ongoing feud with Drake. The back-and-forth between these two artists shows no signs of slowing down, and fans can likely expect more diss tracks and drama in the future.


Kendrick Lamar’s “6:16 in LA” is a bold and unapologetic attack on Drake, accusing him of betrayal and questioning his character.

The track has sparked intense debate and speculation among fans and critics alike, highlighting the enduring popularity of rap beefs in the music industry.


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