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Kendrick Lamar – Meet the Grahams


In a whirlwind of hip-hop drama, Kendrick Lamar has swiftly responded to Drake’s recent diss track “Family Matters” with his own fiery track, “Meet the Grahams.”

This comes hot on the heels of Lamar’s earlier releases this week, “Euphoria” and “6:16 in LA.” The Compton artist pulls no punches in this latest track, addressing Drake’s family and personal life with brutal honesty and sharp wit.

Lamar’s Blistering Lyrics

Lamar wastes no time in diving into the heart of the matter, addressing Drake’s son, Adonis Graham, in the opening lines.

He then turns his attention to Drake’s mother, Sandra Graham, with pointed words about her son’s behavior. The intensity ramps up as Lamar criticizes Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, calling him out for raising what he describes as a “horrible person.”

A Stark Message for Drake

Directly addressing Drake, Lamar questions the Canadian rapper’s integrity and motives, accusing him of stooping low to discredit others.

He emphasizes the seriousness of the situation, suggesting that Drake’s actions warrant severe consequences. Lamar’s lyrics suggest a deep-seated anger and disappointment, culminating in a call for Drake to reflect on his actions and their impact on others.

Drawing on Controversy

Lamar also references Pusha T’s infamous diss track “The Story of Adidon,” which first revealed Drake’s hidden child.

This reference adds another layer of complexity to Lamar’s message, suggesting that Drake’s past actions continue to haunt him in the present.

Final Thoughts

In the closing lines, Lamar shifts the focus from a rap battle to a broader struggle with one’s own integrity and character.

He implies that the feud between himself and Drake is not just about music but about fundamental values and principles.


  1. Q: Why did Kendrick Lamar release “Meet the Grahams”? A: Lamar responded to Drake’s diss track, addressing personal and family-related issues.
  2. Q: What are the main themes of “Meet the Grahams”? A: The song touches on themes of family, integrity, and personal accountability.
  3. Q: How does Lamar’s track compare to Drake’s “Family Matters”? A: Lamar’s track is seen as a direct response, with equally harsh lyrics aimed at Drake’s personal life.
  4. Q: What impact is “Meet the Grahams” likely to have on the ongoing feud? A: The track is likely to escalate tensions and further fuel the feud between Lamar and Drake.
  5. Q: Are there any collaborations or featured artists on “Meet the Grahams”? A: The track features Lamar solo, without any additional collaborations or featured artists.
  6. Q: What do fans think of “Meet the Grahams”? A: Opinions among fans are divided, with some praising Lamar’s boldness and others questioning the need for such personal attacks.
  7. Q: Will there be a response from Drake to “Meet the Grahams”? A: It’s uncertain if Drake will respond, but given the history of the feud, it’s possible.


Kendrick Lamar’s “Meet the Grahams” is a scathing response to Drake’s recent track, delving deep into personal and family matters.

The track not only adds fuel to the ongoing feud but also raises questions about integrity and the nature of rap beefs in the music industry.


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