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Must-Visit Luxury Golf Courses in South Africa for Your Bucket-List


The ancient game of golf’s origins are shrouded in mystery and debate, but it’s widely accepted that the modern form of the game started in Scotland during the 15th Century.

Over time, golf has evolved into what we know today. In contemporary times, golf is often perceived as a sport for the affluent, a view supported by several factors such as the high costs of equipment, facility access, and club memberships.

Some elite golf clubs even offer exclusive, high-end memberships that are only affordable to the wealthy. For instance, The Links Fancourt Club in South Africa limits its membership to a select few through invitation.

Golf’s appeal to the wealthy is partly due to the game’s nature, which doesn’t require the physical exertion typical of other sports, making it both enjoyable and suitable for affluent individuals.

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South Africa stands out in Africa for its strong golf presence and is home to some of the world’s leading golf courses, often located in luxurious parks, resorts, and estates, further cementing its status as a sport for the well-to-do.

Let’s explore the opulence and splendor of South Africa’s top golf courses, chosen based on course condition and maintenance, stunning locations with appealing views, environmental consciousness, and the quality of golfing and additional facilities:

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Luxury Golf Courses in South Africa for Your Bucket List

Pearl Valley Golf Course

Situated in Val De Vie Estate in the Cape Winelands, Western Cape, Pearl Valley Golf Course is a world-class facility designed by Nicklaus Design.

It features an 18-hole championship course with all-season fairways, bunkering, and water features. Opened in 2003, the course is located within Pearl Valley Hotel, offering guests comfort and a chance to explore nearby wine estates.

Highland Gate

Located in the Steenkampsberg mountains near Dullstroom, Highland Gate Golf Course offers not only golfing but also outdoor activities like fly fishing and hiking.

The course, part of a 700-hectare estate, provides breathtaking views and a rich experience for all visitors.

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Durban Country Club

This century-old golf course is rated highly worldwide and is known for its unique undulating fairways and coastal sand dunes, presenting a challenge to golfers of all levels.

Located near the Indian Ocean, it has hosted numerous prestigious tournaments and is frequented by renowned sports figures.

The Links Fancourt Club

Designed by Dr. Hasso Plattner, Gary Player, and Phil Jacobs, this exclusive club offers world-class facilities and has hosted several international tournaments.

Known for its commitment to environmental sustainability, it’s a haven for golf enthusiasts.

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Zimbali Golf Course

Designed by Tom Weiskopf, Zimbali Golf Course is part of an eco-conscious estate in KwaZulu-Natal. It features a unique blend of Links and Coastal Forest courses, offering stunning views and a habitat for diverse birdlife.

These destinations exemplify the luxury and allure of golf in South Africa, appealing to both golf aficionados and those seeking a taste of the country’s elite sports culture.


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