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With business travel to Africa on the increase, we’ve put together some tips for business travellers to help you navigate through Africa.

Africa Facts Zone has gathered a rundown of tips to assist businesspeople do business in Africa:

1. Tips for business travellers going to Africa: Cash is lord in Africa

One outstanding tips for business travellers going to Africa is cash stays the best method for transacting in Africa.
Try not to think about taking a cash passport or traveller’s cheques, as they are not successful means to pay for anything. Likewise, just change into neighborhood cash your expectation for your everyday necessities.

2. Tips for business travellers going to Africa: Understand the cultural nuances of the country you are visiting.

For instance, the business climate in Nigeria is moderately formal so it is fitting to address Nigerians by their family names, while a suit or coat and tie are normal for conferences. Women ought to try not to wear pants, and dress unassumingly.

3. Tips for business travellers going to Africa: It is highly advisable to use reputable, well-known local operators.

Another major tips for business travellers going to Africa is to utilize carriers that have successive trips all through your destination. This will stay away from extensive deferrals assuming that there are changes to your flight.

4. Tips for business travellers going to Africa: Travel protection is an unquestionable necessity.

There are an assortment of health risks to know about while going through Africa, and the health facilities are not high standard.

5.Tips for business travellers going to Africa: Planning is fundamental

Ensure that you have the important visas, that your immunisations are exceptional, that you have the fundamental cell inclusion and that you have sufficient funds for business trip.

6. In the case of employing a vehicle, hire a local driver as well

In specific nations, the driver is captured assuming a mishap happens. Assuming you are the driver, you could land in prison for the term of the examination – and that isn’t helpful for efficiency.

7. Allow sufficient travel time.

One of the tips for business travellers going to Africa is to arrive at airports on time. In Lagos and Nairobi, it can require somewhere in the range of three and four hours to travel to short distance to the airport.
So it is necessary you permit sufficient opportunity to make a trip to the airport and clear the security designated spots to check in at two hours before takeoff.

8. Traffic can be a nightmare.

So rather try to conduct your business meetings at your hotel.

By following these tips for business travellers going to Africa, you will actually want to keep away from a considerable lot of the entanglements of movement in Africa, and focus on why you’re there in the first place: to do great business.

9. Safety and security

 Another major tip for business travellers going to Africa is security.  As with travel anywhere, you should always be aware of your surroundings. Opportunistic criminals often take advantage of people who aren’t paying attention.
If you are working in Nigeria, follow your employer’s local security guidelines. It is also advisable to keep others informed of your travel plans and to vary your routines.
Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and don’t wear valuable watches, jewellery or items of sentimental value. Keep particularly alert when you visit crowded public places or attend events that attract large crowds.

10. Road travel

Road travel at night should be avoided as far as possible. “Take a mobile telephone with you when travelling by car so that you can stay in touch with others. It’s also a good idea to keep bottled water in your vehicle at all times.”
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