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Enish: The Biggest African Restaurant Chain In The World


Enish is the largest African restaurant chain in the world as of right now, with ten locations in London, two in Dubai, ongoing plans for Atlanta, USA, and other cities.

Local cuisine served in a luxurious setting is the Enish idea. Even white people enjoy the dish since it has so many different flavors. Although local, it is presented effectively.

How Enish came to be Called

In October 2013, Enish moved to London. The initials of his wife’s name Eniola, Eniola and Shola, which together make up the name Enish, were taken from Olushola Medupin, a youthful, active, and industrious Nigerian.

How Enish Began

Enish was founded because most Nigerian and African restaurants outside of Africa were unattractive. So Eniola and Shola made the decision to design a more upscale Nigerian/African restaurant.

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Restaurants by Enish throughout the Globe

Currently, Enish operates 2 restaurants in Dubai and 10 in London.

The first one happened in London’s Lewisham. The second is in Finchley Road, with connections to Cradling, Ilford, Bristling, Old Kent Road, Camberwell, Camberwell Green, and the West End of London from there. I

Additionally, a spot in The Palms, which boasts Dubai’s largest water feature, was provided to Enish. Enish is engaged in additional work in Atlanta, USA.

Customer Base for Enish

In the London restaurant on Finchley Road, 60% of the customers are white and 40% are Nigerian.

What is the most popular Nigerian menu for tourists at your restaurants?

Efo riro, jollof rice, and egusi soup served in Dubai with pounded yam. Gold-plated pounded yam is also provided in Dubai. It is 24-carat foil-wrapped pounded yam.

Plan eateries for every African traveling overseas

Enish is expanding into Enish Africa, which combines more than five distinct African nations to serve, including Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Uganda, and Ghana.

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How does Enish maintain consistency across all of its locations in Dubai and London?

Along with Enish Restaurant and Bar, Enish Restaurant and Lounge, Enish Bukka, and Enish Africa, Enish is also a restaurant group. In spite of the fact that you may visit any Enish location, you will experience a diverse dining environment.

For instance, clay dishes are sometimes used in restaurants to serve food.

How does Enish guarantee that the food is indeed local?

The majority of our culinary items come from Nigeria, and the chefs at Ensih are Nigerians. Olushola Medupin, CEO of Enish, claims that local chefs are familiar with the ingredients and techniques.


Enish have worked on projects with the BBC, Google, and Sky, and have hosted celebrities like Anthony Joshua and Davido in Dubai, among others.


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