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Tensions Rise as DRC Accuses Rwanda of Drone Strikes: What You Need to Know


Recent developments in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have escalated tensions between the nation and its neighbor, Rwanda.

Accusations of drone strikes targeting DRC’s aircraft have intensified the ongoing conflict, raising concerns about regional stability.

Allegations and Escalating Conflict:

The DRC’s army has publicly accused Rwanda of orchestrating a drone attack on its aircraft at the airport in Goma.

Lieutenant-Colonel Guillaume Ndjike, the army spokesperson for Restive North Kivu province, stated that the attacks, occurring in the early morning hours, specifically targeted “aircraft of the DRC Armed Forces.”

According to reports, while DRC’s military aircraft remained unharmed, civilian aircraft sustained damage.

Backing of Rebel Groups:

The accusations against Rwanda come amidst intensified fighting between M23 rebels and the DRC’s army in the town of Sake, located just 20km from the site of the drone attack in Goma.

The DRC’s army has openly accused Rwanda of providing support to the rebel group, further exacerbating tensions between the two nations.

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Investigation and Speculation:

Security and government sources have indicated that investigations into the drone attacks are ongoing, with experts analyzing the remnants of the bombs used in the assault.

Despite the lack of confirmation regarding the origin of the bombs, suspicions have been raised regarding Rwanda’s involvement.

Impact on Travel and Aviation:

Despite the security concerns raised by the drone attacks, travel activities at the Goma airport have reportedly continued as usual.

Both national and international flights have operated without significant disruption, although heightened security measures may be in place.

According to reports, a few commercial, military, and humanitarian flights were observed taking off or landing around the time of the bomb attacks, highlighting the resilience of the aviation sector amidst the conflict.


The allegations of Rwanda’s involvement in the drone strikes on the DRC’s aircraft have further strained the already tense relations between the two neighboring countries.

With ongoing conflicts and accusations of external support to rebel groups, the situation in the region remains volatile.

Efforts to de-escalate tensions and facilitate diplomatic dialogue are crucial to preventing further escalation and promoting peace and stability in the Great Lakes region of Africa.


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