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Life Expectancy in Africa: Top 10 Countries with the Longest Lifespans


Life expectancy, the average lifespan of individuals in a given population, is a crucial metric that reflects the quality of healthcare, socio-economic conditions, and disease prevalence within a country.

While death is an inevitable part of the human experience, the disparity in life expectancy across countries highlights the impact of various factors on human longevity.

Understanding Life Expectancy:

Life expectancy serves as a barometer of progress, indicating improvements in healthcare, economic development, and overall well-being.

Despite global fluctuations, it remains a vital indicator of a nation’s health and prosperity.

Global Trends in Life Expectancy:

Data from the World Bank reveals that the global average life expectancy at birth was 71 years in 2021.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a decline in life expectancy for the second consecutive year, reversing decades of progress in many regions.

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Regional Disparities:

While countries in Asia and Europe lead the world in life expectancy, Africa experiences significant variations due to disparities in healthcare access, economic development, and disease burden.

Top 10 African Nations with Highest Life Expectancy:

According to the World Bank, several African countries boast impressive life expectancies, showcasing the continent’s resilience and progress in healthcare and development. Here are the top 10 African countries with the highest life expectancy:

  1. Algeria – Life Expectancy: 76.4 years
  2. Morocco – Life Expectancy: 74.0 years
  3. Tunisia – Life Expectancy: 73.8 years
  4. Mauritius – Life Expectancy: 73.7 years
  5. Seychelles – Life Expectancy: 73.4 years
  6. Libya – Life Expectancy: 71.9 years
  7. Cabo Verde – Life Expectancy: 71.1 years
  8. Egypt – Life Expectancy: 70.2 years
  9. Senegal – Life Expectancy: 67.1 years
  10. Eritrea – Life Expectancy: 66.5 years


The data underscores the progress made by several African nations in improving healthcare access and overall well-being.

While challenges persist, particularly in healthcare infrastructure and disease management, these countries serve as beacons of hope for the continent’s future.

By prioritizing investments in healthcare, education, and socio-economic development, African nations can continue to enhance life expectancy and improve the quality of life for their citizens.





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