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Top 10 Countries in Africa with the Cheapest Diesel Prices


Diesel costs play a pivotal role in African countries’ social and economic development, much like they do in other regions of the world.

An increase in diesel prices can ripple through various industries, such as transportation and agriculture, significantly impacting the overall cost of living.

This effect is particularly pronounced in countries without exploring alternative energy sources.

The Benefits of Low Diesel Prices

Lower diesel prices offer several advantages that can accelerate development goals across the continent. Economically, reduced diesel costs can lower operational expenses in critical sectors like agriculture, transportation, and industry.

Socially, cheaper fuel can ease citizens’ living costs, making essentials more affordable. Environmentally, while diesel itself is not the cleanest energy source, reduced costs can alleviate some of the financial burden on countries striving to improve their infrastructure and explore cleaner energy alternatives.

In many African nations, diesel fuel remains a critical energy source, especially where standard energy infrastructure is lacking.

High diesel costs can lead to economic challenges, but addressing these issues through lower prices can provide significant economic relief and attract international investment.

Top 10 Countries in Africa with the Cheapest Diesel Prices

According to GlobalPetrolPrices, as of June 24, 2024, the top 10 African countries with the lowest diesel prices were listed. The global average diesel price at that time was $1.23 per litre.

Libya: $0.031 per litre (3rd globally)

Egypt: $0.207 per litre (4th globally)

Algeria: $0.216 per litre (5th globally)

Angola: $0.232 per litre (6th globally)

Sudan: $0.656 per litre (18th globally)

Tunisia: $0.701 per litre (20th globally)

Nigeria: $0.916 per litre (37th globally)

Gabon: $0.942 per litre (42nd globally)

Ghana: $0.967 per litre (44th globally)

Liberia: $1.052 per litre (59th globally)

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Implications of Low Diesel Costs

  1. Economic Relief: Lower diesel prices can reduce the overall cost of doing business, making African markets more attractive to international investors. Reduced operational costs in agriculture, transportation, and industry can spur economic growth and development.
  2. Social Benefits: Affordable diesel can lower living costs by making transportation and goods more affordable for the general population. This can improve the quality of life and increase disposable income for other needs.
  3. Environmental Considerations: While diesel is not the most environmentally friendly fuel, its affordability can provide temporary relief, allowing countries to invest in better energy infrastructure and transition to cleaner energy sources over time.

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Diesel remains a vital energy source for many African countries, powering everything from vehicles to electricity generators.

Low diesel prices can provide much-needed economic and social benefits, helping nations manage their developmental challenges more effectively.

By leveraging these advantages, African countries can work towards building more resilient and diversified energy infrastructures for a sustainable future.


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