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Shallipopi – New Cat


In a thrilling addition to the global music landscape, the talented Nigerian singer-songwriter and Plutomania Record Boss, Shallipopi, has released his latest track, “New Cat.”

This track is not just another song; it’s a revelation of artistry and passion that sets Shallipopi apart as one of the most innovative forces in the Nigerian music scene.

Meet Shallipopi: A Master of Musical Artistry

Who is Shallipopi?

Shallipopi has been a vibrant figure in the music industry, known for his captivating melodies.

As a singer-songwriter, he has consistently pushed the boundaries of what music can represent, blending traditional Nigerian sounds with modern rhythms to create a unique auditory experience.

The Creation of “New Cat”

“New Cat” emerges as the seventh track off Shallipopi’s highly anticipated 15-track album, “Shakespopi.” This song is the product of immense dedication and creativity, evident in its detailed composition and engaging rhythm.

The Future Looks Bright for Shallipopi

With the success of “New Cat” and the anticipation building around the full “Shakespopi” album, Shallipopi is poised to continue his rise as one of the luminaries of modern music.

His journey reflects a relentless pursuit of musical excellence and a commitment to pushing the limits of creativity.


As “New Cat” takes its rightful place in the hearts and playlists of music lovers worldwide, Shallipopi’s influence in shaping the future of Afrobeat and the global music scene cannot be overstated.

His dedication to his craft and his ability to innovate are what make him a true musical pioneer.

Stay tuned to Shallipopi’s channels for more updates and prepare to be part of a musical revolution that is both refreshing and profoundly impactful.

FAQs About “New Cat” and Shallipopi

  1. What genre is “New Cat”?
    • “New Cat” is primarily an Afrobeat track, infused with elements of contemporary Nigerian music.
  2. Where can I listen to “New Cat”?
    • You can stream “New Cat” on major music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.
  3. What makes “New Cat” stand out?
    • “New Cat” stands out due to its unique blend of infectious beats, compelling lyrics, and Shallipopi’s distinctive vocal style.
  4. Who produced “New Cat”?
    • “New Cat” was produced by the talented team at Plutomania Records, showcasing top-notch production quality.
  5. Is “New Cat” part of an album?
    • Yes, “New Cat” is the seventh track on Shallipopi’s album “Shakespopi,” which features 15 tracks.
  6. How has the response been to “New Cat”?
    • The response to “New Cat” has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans praising its lyrical depth and musical composition.
  7. What can we expect from Shallipopi in the future?
    • Fans can look forward to more innovative tracks and potentially more collaborative projects that continue to push the boundaries of the Afrobeat genre.


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