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Handmade Custom Wooden Products Wholesale & Wooden Vintage Wall Clock


Every piece from our handmade wooden antique product brand whispers the story of craftsmanship, meticulously shaped into each carved masterpiece.

Embedded in a rich heritage of artisanal skill, every creation stands as a tribute to the enduring blend of tradition and innovation. Our brand infuses life into ancient wood, converting it into prized artifacts that bridge time.

Committed to safeguarding the craftsmanship of the past, our products encapsulate the spirit of historical eras, testament to the masterful hands that crafted them. Championing genuineness, our brand offers an invitation to immerse yourself in the warmth of history and the lasting allure of handcrafted wooden wonders.

Handmade Custom Wooden Products Wholesale for Sale





Wooden Antique Wall Clocks

This wood-crafted antique wall clock combines timeless elegance with rustic charm, crafted from quality wood with intricate detailing. Its surface is hand-painted with colors that enhance its luster. The Knox Heritage is numbered in Yoruba letters to seamer its legacy.

Its classic design adds a touch of vintage sophistication to any space, while its reliable movement ensures accurate timekeeping for years to come. Perfect for adding character and warmth to your home decor.

Knowing your time in your local dialect is the best feeling ever. Get your own timepiece in your language today.





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