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Africa’s Fastest-Growing Cities 2024


Africa’s landscape is changing rapidly, not just in terms of infrastructure but also in wealth distribution and lifestyle.

Over the past decade, certain cities and areas across the continent have experienced unprecedented growth in their population of millionaires.

This detailed examination provides insights into where Africa’s wealthy are choosing to invest and settle, shedding light on the fastest-growing African cities and areas for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) from 2013 to 2023.

Africa’s Fastest-Growing Cities 2024

Grand Baie, Mauritius: A Luxurious Retreat

  • Millionaire Growth: +95%
  • Highlights: Known for its opulent residences and high property values, with prices exceeding USD 5,000 per square meter.
  • Living Preferences: Preferred by Mauritius’ top business leaders, many of whom work in nearby Port Louis but choose the tranquility of Grand Baie and its surrounding estates like Mont Choisy.

Kigali, Rwanda: The Heart of Economic Growth

  • Millionaire Growth: +88%
  • Economic Contribution: Represents 52% of Rwanda’s total wealth and more than 60% of its millionaires.
  • City Features: Increasingly recognized for its conducive business environment and quality of life that is attracting a burgeoning upper-middle-class population.

Marrakech, Morocco: Architectural Beauty and Luxury Living

  • Millionaire Growth: +65%
  • Attractiveness: A favored retirement spot for the affluent from the Middle East and Europe, renowned for its stunning architecture and luxury accommodations.
  • Luxury Hotspots: Home to world-class hotels like Royal Mansour and La Mamounia.

Swakopmund, Namibia: Coastal Charm and Historical Elegance

  • Millionaire Growth: +43%
  • Appeal: Popular among retirees from South Africa and Germany for its gorgeous beaches and historical German architecture.
  • Affluent Areas: Includes Vogelstrand and Langstrand, known for their scenic beauty and luxury properties.

Tangier, Morocco: The Vibrant Gateway to Africa

  • Millionaire Growth: +42%
  • Unique Selling Points: Offers a blend of beautiful beaches, rich nightlife, and the new Tanja Marina Bay—a magnet for wealthy individuals.
  • Geographical Advantage: Sits strategically on the northern tip of Morocco, bordering both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

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The Whale Coast, South Africa: From Holiday Homes to Permanent Residences

  • Millionaire Growth: +35%
  • Transition: Once known mainly as a vacation destination, now seeing a significant shift to permanent residency among the affluent.
  • Key Locations: Includes towns like Hermanus and Betty’s Bay, with exclusive suburbs such as Voelklip and Fernkloof Estate.

The Garden Route, South Africa: Permanent Paradise

  • Millionaire Growth: +32%
  • Community Development: Attracts HNWIs with luxury estates like Fancourt and Pezula, contributing to its rise in permanent residents.
  • Scenic and Luxurious: Offers a blend of natural beauty and high-end living, appealing to both local and international millionaires.

Windhoek, Namibia: Economic Hub with Expanding Horizons

  • Millionaire Growth: +30%
  • Wealth Centers: Affluent suburbs like Ludwigsdorf and Klein Windhoek are expanding, complemented by the rise of eco-estates such as Finkenstein Estate on the city’s outskirts.
  • Economic Significance: Continues to be a crucial economic center in Namibia, attracting investment and wealth.


The last decade has reshaped the geographical wealth map of Africa, with cities like Grand Baie and Marrakech leading the charge in luxury living.

As these urban areas continue to develop and attract investment, the trend towards upscale living seems set to continue, potentially redefining luxury lifestyles across Africa.

FAQs About Africa’s Wealthiest Cities

  1. What drives the growth of millionaire populations in these cities?
    • Key factors include economic stability, quality of life, luxury real estate developments, and strategic geographical locations.
  2. Why is Mauritius particularly popular among wealthy business leaders?
    • Its political stability, favorable tax regime, and luxurious lifestyle options make it an attractive destination for affluent professionals.
  3. How do historical and architectural elements influence millionaire migration to cities like Marrakech?
    • Rich cultural heritage and iconic architecture enhance the appeal of cities, making them desirable locations for luxury living and tourism investments.


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