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Black slave Thomas Fuller, known as the Human Calculator


Black slave Thomas Fuller, known as the Virginia Calculator, gained notoriety as the Human Calculator due to his amazing mathematical talent, which mesmerized and astounded all who observed it.

This entry examines Thomas Fuller’s life, his noteworthy accomplishments, his end, and his legacy.

Furthermore, we explore Thomas Fuller’s legacy and if he was a father.

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Genius as the Human Calculator: Thomas Fuller

Thomas Fuller stood out among his contemporaries and received considerable acclaim during his lifetime due to his extraordinary aptitude as a human calculator.

Thomas Fuller, a native of Guinea, was sent to America as a slave when he was around 14 years old in 1724.

Despite being a slave, Fuller shown a remarkable capacity to carry out challenging mathematical operations mentally without the use of writing or equipment.

He earned the moniker “the Human Calculator” because of his astounding mental calculations, which amazed many who witnessed his accomplishments.

Fuller’s extraordinary skills attracted interest outside of his local environment. People came from all around to see his mathematical skill in person.

He had an unusual capacity for speed and precision in the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of difficult problems.

His extraordinary abilities created a lasting effect on everyone he came into contact with, defying the preconceptions and stereotypes frequently attached to people of African heritage during that time.

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How did Thomas Fuller fare?

The specifics of Thomas Fuller’s life after becoming well-known for his mathematical prowess are still mostly unknown.

Fuller, who had served a number of masters during his life, finally found himself in the care of Colonel Thomas Talbot, a well-known individual in early Virginia.

Talbot’s ownership allowed Fuller’s abilities to be seen by a larger audience, which increased his notoriety.

Fuller’s outstanding abilities gave him some notoriety and respect, despite the fact that his captivity prevented him from being in charge of his own fate.

He had some degree of agency because to his mathematical skills, which allowed him to maneuver within the constraints of his situation.

Thomas Fuller, did he have kids?

Sadly, detailed information regarding Thomas Fuller’s personal life, including whether he had children, cannot be found in historical documents.
Given the conditions of slavery, family dynamics were frequently shattered and splintered, making it difficult to reconstruct the ancestry of people like Fuller.

It is important to note that Fuller’s tenacity and fortitude throughout his life undoubtedly helped ensure his successors’ survival and prosperity.

The legacy of Thomas Fuller’s outstanding abilities and the inspiration he gave to others definitely reverberated through centuries, even though particular familial relationships may be challenging to establish.

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The Thomas Fuller Legacy

Thomas Fuller left a lasting impression on people who experienced his brilliance through his amazing mathematical skills.

Fuller, a Black man who was enslaved, disproved the prevalent biases of his period by displaying intellectual ability that transcended both social and racial preconceptions.

The exceptional skill of Fuller serves as a reminder of the boundless potential that every person possesses, regardless of their circumstances.

His life serves as a monument to the tenacity and unwavering spirit of Africans who were held in slavery and who, in spite of the brutal conditions they were subjected to, overcame hardship and made their imprint on history.

Furthermore, Fuller’s legacy emphasizes the significance of appreciating and respecting the historical achievements of oppressed people.
His talents cast doubt on prevalent narratives that frequently undervalue or ignore the intellectual and artistic potential of African Americans who were once held in slavery.


The Black Slave Human Calculator, Thomas Fuller, was a remarkable mathematical genius who overcame the constraints of his time and environment.

Fuller was a Slave, but his mental arithmetic skills captured and amazed all who saw his extraordinary powers.

His legacy is a tribute to the resiliency and unrealized potential that all people possess, no matter what their circumstances.




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