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Early Kabbalistic Symbols: The Tree of Life Kabbalah


The goal of the ancient Jewish school of thought known as kabbalism was to shed light on the actual significance of the Hebrew Bible.

Due to its enduring spiritual logic as a route to the infinite, it has found adherents in popular culture and has endured throughout time.

Kabbalah symbols are shown below along with their intended meanings:

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The tree of life kabbalah

The whole Kabbalah, including all ten facets of the Supreme Divine Entity as portrayed by ethereal and mystical creative powers, is symbolized as the Tree of Life.

The David Star

The sign of David is used in Kabbalah to convey the spiritual and material realms in which human consciousness exists. It also signifies that God dominates the universe in all directions.


When attached to a person’s door, the Mezuzua is a protective talisman recommended by Mezuzua, The Zohar guide in Kabbalah, which keeps bad spirits out.

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The Chai is a symbol of vigor and life.

It is linked to benevolence, affluence, and longevity.


The extended hand symbolizes “five” and refers to the five books and lessons of the Torah, which include fellowship, love, and peace.

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The Merkabbah, which generates good power, is essentially a three-dimensional image of the Star of David.

When used as a talisman, this specific energy gives blessings and protection.

One can access spiritual aspects through Merkabah meditation, which leads to a greater understanding of the cosmos.




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