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Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed Launches ‘Clean Ethiopia’ Digital Telethon


On April 26, 2024, Ethiopia took a significant step towards environmental sustainability with the launch of the ‘Clean Streets – Healthy Lives’ initiative by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

This comprehensive campaign seeks to transform the urban and rural landscapes of Ethiopia into cleaner, healthier environments through widespread public participation and collective action.

The Vision of ‘Clean Streets – Healthy Lives’

Objectives of the Initiative

  • Environmental Cleanliness: The initiative aims to drastically reduce litter and pollution across Ethiopia, enhancing the aesthetic and sanitary conditions of public spaces.
  • Public Health Improvement: By promoting cleaner streets, the campaign directly contributes to improving public health standards, reducing the prevalence of diseases associated with poor environmental conditions.

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Implementation Strategy

  • Digital Telethon: A key component of the initiative is a digital telethon, which allows Ethiopians at home and abroad to contribute financially. Donations are directed to a dedicated account (#1000623230248) at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.
  • Community Engagement: The initiative encourages active participation from citizens in cleanup activities, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility for the environment.

Support and Collaboration

Diverse Backing

  • Individual Contributions: Ethiopians from various walks of life have shown their support by donating to the cause and participating in cleanup activities.
  • Organizational Participation: Numerous local and international organizations have pledged support, providing resources and mobilizing volunteers to aid the initiative.

Governmental Facilitation

  • Policy Support: The Ethiopian government has facilitated the campaign by providing necessary tools, publicizing the event, and coordinating with local authorities to maximize impact.
  • Infrastructure Development: Investments are being made to improve waste management systems, enhancing the capability to handle increased volumes of recyclable and non-recyclable waste efficiently.

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Challenges and Opportunities

Overcoming Opposition

  • Skepticism and Resistance: Despite widespread support, some opposition exists, primarily concerning the management of funds and the long-term sustainability of the initiative.
  • Addressing Concerns: The government and organizing bodies are actively working to maintain transparency and demonstrate the tangible benefits of the initiative to gain trust and broaden support.

Future Prospects

  • Sustainable Practices: The initiative aims to instill sustainable environmental practices among the Ethiopian population, ensuring long-term commitment to cleanliness and health.
  • Expansion Plans: There are plans to expand the scope of the initiative to include more extensive environmental conservation projects, such as tree planting and water conservation efforts.

Conclusion: A Cleaner, Healthier Ethiopia on the Horizon

The ‘Clean Streets – Healthy Lives’ initiative marks a pivotal moment in Ethiopia’s environmental and public health advocacy.

By harnessing the collective power of its citizens and fostering a culture of cleanliness and responsibility, Ethiopia is setting a commendable example for other nations.

As the initiative progresses, it holds the promise of not just cleaner streets, but a healthier, more sustainable future for all Ethiopians.



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