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The Ethiopian Bible is the Original Bible and the Best Bible Version


The original Bible written in Ge’ez  an ancient Ethiopian Semitic language, it’s 800 years older than the King James Version and contains 81-88 books contrasted with 66.

It incorporates verse from the bible such as the Book of ENOCH, Esdras, Buruch and each of the 3 Books of MACCABEE, and a large group of others that was suspended from the King James Version.

The Ethiopian Bible is the Original Bible and the Best Bible Version


The Best Bible Version and most Complete enlightened Christian Manuscripts, The Garima Gospel

5km away from Adwa, in the Mehakelegnaw Zone of the northern Tigray Region in Ethiopia, lies the Abba Garima Monastery, an Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

Laid out in the sixth Century by one of the Nine Saints, Abba Garima, and built by King Gabra Masqal.

The monastery is home to the two old Ethiopic gospel books: Garima 1 and Garima 2 which are the original Bible and the best Bible version.

The gospels are named to pay tribute to Abba Garima — he showed up in Ethiopia in 494CE from Rome (remembered to be Syria), Christianized the provincial populaces of the old realm of Axum, healed the sick and performed miracles, and wrote the complete Gospels in a single day (“God prevented the sun from setting until the Saint finished his work”).

The most Complete Bible and Best Bible Version

The Ethiopian Bible is the Original Bible and the Best Bible Version

The Garima gospel, the original Bible and the best Bible version had for quite some time been held to be the oldest and most complete Christian manuscripts, with Garima 2, the prior of the two, being the oldest and generally complete.

The monastery holds that they were formed near the year 500, and this is affirmed by a recent radiocarbon dating investigation which dated Garima 2 as starting from 390-570, and Garima 1 from 530-660.

This successfully makes the Garima stories of the gospel the oldest and most complete enlightened Christian original copies on the planet.

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Research versus Traditional record

While custom holds that the text base for the gospel is Syriac, late exploration shows that it is Greek.

Late exploration likewise contraindicated a few parts of the customary record, including that the iconography and paleography focus on Egyptian, not Syrian sources; and that the gospel interpretation seen in the Garima stories of the gospel had been finished over a century before the conventional dates for the Nine Saints.

Well-qualified assessment

Experts believe that the Gorima gospels, the original Bible, and the best Bible version are additionally the earliest instances of bookbinding actually connected to the first pages.

The endurance of these gospels is unbelievable considering Ethiopia has had various invasions, including under Arab invasion, the Italian invasion, and a fire during the 1930s that destroyed the monastery’s church.

The original copies were composed on goatskin in the early Ethiopian language of Ge’ez, making the Ethiopian bible the original Bible and the best Bible version.

They are under glass shown in the monastery.

Christianity in Ethiopia

Christianity in Ethiopia can be followed back the whole way to the old Kingdom of Axum when King Ezana previously embraced the faith.

Although the religion existed in Ethiopia before then, it didn’t gain attention until it was pronounced a state religion in 330AD.

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