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The Dogon Tribe Of Africa and the Sirius Star System


The Dogon Tribe Of Africa and Mali are believed to have originated from ancient Egypt, although they have a history of migration from the Mande kingdom in Ghana.

What is known without a doubt is that they settled along the sandstone precipices by the Bandiagara Slope during the fifteenth or sixteenth century.

It is believed that they stopped here trying to escape Islamization. With cliffs reaching over 1600 feet in height and 90 kilometers in length, and cliffs with hundreds of caves, this would have been a perfect place to hide from the enemy.


The Dogon Tribe Of Africa became popular because of their ancient stories about human origins and extraterrestrial contact. As indicated by legend, the Nommo race came from the Sirius star system thousands of years ago.

The creatures are said to have come to Earth and gave people knowledge.

They gave the Dogon people information and knowledge about their astronomical system. These creatures also appear in Babylonian and Sumerian mythology.

Amazingly, the Dogon possessed knowledge for centuries that was, until Galileo and his telescope, unknown to the western world.

They discovered Jupiter’s moons and Saturn’s rings and knew that the Sun is the center of our solar system.

They have tales about the huge explosion and other cosmic occasions. Dogons knew of an invisible star orbiting Sirius that was not known until the 1970s.


Dogon religion is based on oral traditions, which depend on the Dogon family. Common accounts say that the Nommo are divine beings/nature gods, who came from the sky in spaceships and will return one day.

Ancestor worship and initiation play an important role in their belief system. There are three cults among the Dogon, all of which involve mask-making/veiling.

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is the cult of the dead. Individuals hit the dance floor with ritualistic covers during both burial service and passing commemoration functions to lead the spirits of the departed to their last resting place.


is the Earth God. This clique principally manages to farm. All Dogon towns have a holy place to energize the richness of the land. A Hogon, or cleric, is liable for safeguarding the virtue of the dirt.


is a powerful and defensive being that uncovers itself to others as a creature. Binu altars are intended to house spirits of mythic predecessors who resided before humanity experienced demise.

What is the Dogon Tribe known for

The Dogon Tribe Of Africa is most popular for its strict practices, cover moves, their wooden figure, and their engineering.

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The Dogon Tribe Cosmology

The Dogon Tribe Of Africa has unbelievably progressed and exact information on cosmology and arithmetic which they could never have found or created without help from anyone else.

Nobody knows where the Dogon Clan started. Some have theorized that they were of Egyptian origin.

Their practices and people services are lined up with the developments of an undetectable but obscure star, Sirius B, which they knew to traveled around Sirius A like clockwork in a curved way, something which was totally obscure to Western space experts at that time.

Sirius A is the brightest star which is visible in the western sky through the unaided eye, however not Sirius B, it is invincible.

The Dogon public realize that Sirius B was tiny yet extremely thick or weighty. However its presence was demonstrated exclusively in 1970 when it was captured interestingly by Western space experts.

The Dogon clan had some awareness of the presence of this undetectable star for millennia.

They likewise realize that Saturn has four moons, and has rings or radiances around it, albeit these shouldn’t be visible without strong telescopes.

The Dogon Tribe Sirius

After studying the Dogon Tribe Of Africa anthropologist Marcel Griaule learned that they were fascinated by learned that they were fascinated.

While Sirius A is apparent to the unaided eye, Sirius B was not found until the 1950s with a high level telescope. The Dogon, be that as it may, were very much aware of its presence, as well as its orbital period.

The Dogon are well aware of this process, where it is believed that a race of creatures from Sirius was suspected to have come from, bestowing their knowledge to the tribe.

These creatures, known as the Nommos, were land and/or water capable creatures, coming from similar star framework as the Egyptian god, Isis.

The Dogon likewise guarantee that there is a third star in the Sirius framework that still can’t seem to be found, and gravitational perceptions could confirm their case.

Were the Dogon visited by otherworldly creatures or old space travelers?

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Where did the Dogon tribe come from?

The Dogon ancestors came from Mandé, a region in southwestern Mali and northeastern Guinea that was the seat of the Mali Empire in the 13th century.

The Dogon moved after the empire collapsed to the foothills of the Bandiagara Mountains. where is the Dogon tribe

Where is the Dogon Tribe Found

Dogon, an ethnic group from the central plateau region of Mali that extends its borders to Burkina Faso.

How Old is the Dogon Tribe

By and large, Dogon towns were laid out in the Bandiagara region a long time back in light of the fact that individuals all in all would not change over completely to Islam and withdrew from regions constrained by Muslims.

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Facts about the Dogon Clan

1. Ceremony

The vast majority of the ceremony (moves) revolve around agriculture and death. Masked men would dance for days to harvest their crops or mourn the death of loved ones.

2. Nummo Twins

The main spirits revered by the Dogon people are the Nummo twins. According to them, Nummo is often depicted as an amphibian, moving slowly, upright, and changing colors like chameleons.

Some consider them representatives of the sun and androgynous. Dogon believes that in ancient times, everyone was born with twins and somehow stopped time.

The Dogon mourn the “loss” of their twins and say they are “haunting” them.

4. Houses

The Dogon houses mirror their art and philosophy. The gin’na (family house) is built on two levels and built-in banco.

The houses usually have no windows and are decorated with decorative elements to describe the type of family that lives inside.

5. Language

The Dogon Tribe Of Africa developed the Toro So language. Toro So is their most famous language, but not many Dogon speak it. Some communicate in popular languages ​​such as Jambay and Tommo.

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6. Refusal to change over completely to Islam

It is believed that the Dogon Tribe Of Africa  Dogon people settled in Bandiagara to escape Islamization in the 15th century.

Those who refused to change to Islam migrated to the cliffs with other non-repentant villagers and formed the Dogon tribe. When they refused, many men were killed, while women and children were into slavery.

7. Dogon Craftsmanship

The Dogon Tribe Of Africa

The Dogon Tribe Of Africa like making sculptures of people, dogs, snakes and others. hey are exceptionally adaptable in their specialty and often use them in altars and near their homes, believing that the paintings will protect them.

8. High-level cosmic information

A few specialists have revealed that the Dogon public have progressed cosmic information encompassing the star of Sirius.

In 1946, French anthropologist, Marcel Griaule remained with a Dogon Wiseman for a couple of days and discovered that they believed in the presence of the ring of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter in spite of having no admittance to telescopes or cutting-edge innovations. This peculiarity stays a secret to this date.

9. Hogon

A Hogon is a spiritual leader who is usually chosen from among the oldest male members of the family in large groups.

During his first six months, the Hogon does not shave or wash his hair but is taken care of by a virgin. Hogon gives spiritual advice about fertility and performs marriage ceremonies.

A Hogon is a spiritual leader that is typically picked from the oldest male relative in the biggest groups.

During his initial half year, the Hogon doesn’t shave or wash, rather a female virgin takes care of him. The Hogon offers profound guidance on the richness and performs marriage customs.

10. Memorial service customs

Customary Dogon burial service ceremonies are intriguing and often performed for tourists to make money.

Generally, in burial services, they dance while wearing veils trusting the cover to be instrumental in directing the spirits of the dead into eternity. The covers contrast in every town and artists can proceed with the dance for up to six days.


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