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The 2 African Nations That were not Colonized are Ethiopia and Liberia


The two African nations that have never experienced colonization are Ethiopia and Liberia. This page looks at these two African nations that were never colonized by Europe.

The Reasons Ethiopia Was Never Invaded

Ethiopia is one of the few nations in Africa that was never conquered by a European force. It is a country in eastern Africa.

The Italian Army under Bennito Mussolini was defeated by Menelik II at the Battle of Adwa, demonstrating Ethiopia’s strong resistance to European colonization.

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Reasons Liberia Was Never Conquered

Another non-colonized African nation is Liberia.

Guinea to the north, Ivory Coast to the east, and Sierra Leone to the west encircle Liberia, which is a country in West Africa.

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The Reasons Behind The Colonization of Ethiopia and Liberia

Ethiopia and Liberia were never colonized by European forces for a number of reasons.

1) Ethiopia: Despite several efforts, Europeans were never able to properly occupy Ethiopia. This is mostly because of the huge mountains that shielded it and made invasions challenging.

The Ethiopian people were also fiercely independent and victorious in the War against Italy in the Battle of Adwa, demonstrating their ability to withstand subjugation.

2) Liberia: Not being on the main routes for the slave trade, Liberia had little touch with Europe and was never colonized.

Furthermore, Liberia lacked all of the raw materials that the European Powers at the time were seeking.

Finally, by obstructing Christian missionaries’ entry into the country’s interior, the native population of Liberia fought colonization.


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