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How to Submit a Guest Post for a Blog’ Africa’s No 1 Fact’s Platform


Among the myriad methods to extend the reach of your brand to fresh audiences, guest posting undoubtedly tops my list.

Guest posting, alternatively known as guest blogging, entails crafting and publishing an article on another party’s website—preferably within your niche—with the aim of broadening your audience, enhancing search engine rankings, and cementing your brand’s authority.

The Advantages of Guest Posting: Guest posting serves as an effective marketing tactic because it mutually benefits both the contributor (the writer) and the host (the publisher) of the guest post. .

Before delving into the process of submitting a guest post, here are the primary advantages:

  1. Generating Backlinks for SEO:
  2. Broadening Your Network:
  3. Growing Your Social Media Following:

Send your pitch Guest Post Pitch to us at or

We receive a steady stream of pitches each week, so a generic guest post pitch is likely to be promptly relegated to the delete folder.

We strongly advocate for a personalized research approach for each pitch. Dive into our blog and categories to assess the topics we delve into:

From there, identify keywords linked to those topics and our audience, which can serve as the groundwork for your pitches. If you lack access to SEO software, a free keyword research tool will suffice.

When crafting your pitch, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Provide work samples: Include links to 2-3 pertinent articles you’ve previously published.
  • Offer options: Present a range of topics they can choose from, though one is acceptable. Ensure they all revolve around a central theme to showcase your expertise in a specific area.
  • Include brief topic descriptions:

However, securing acceptance for your pitch is just the beginning—you still need to deliver exceptional content. Additionally, if your article is published, you want to ensure it captivates readers and leaves them eager to learn more about your brand.

Here are the key components for a successful guest post:

  • Offer something distinctive: Steer clear of regurgitating commonplace information. Provide a fresh perspective, delve deeper into the topic, or integrate personal anecdotes or templates for readers to utilize.
  • Incorporate internal links: Including links to their blog demonstrates your thoughtfulness as a writer and reduces the likelihood of them removing any links to your site.
  • Include relevant links to your site: Ensure the links you include align with the guest post’s topic.
  • Polish your grammar and spelling: Utilize free writing tools like Grammarly and Hemingway App to ensure flawless prose. While a single typo may seem inconsequential, it can erode an editor’s trust.
  • Incorporate images: Enhance your post’s visual appeal by including relevant images.

Send your pitch Guest Post Pitch to us at or


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