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Richest Black Man America: The Richest Black Man in United States of America


The richest black man in America is Robert F. Smith. In a working-class area of Denver, Colorado, Robert F. Smith was born in 1962. He went to the March on Washington with his mother when he was a baby, when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, since both of his parents were passionate about giving back.

No matter their financial status, he saw his mother submit a $25 check to the United Negro College Fund every month.

These encounters helped him develop the conviction that everyone can contribute to achieving a more just and equal society.

Bell Labs

Robert called Bell Labs every week for five months after being first turned down for a prestigious internship since it was intended for college students, but his tenacity paid off when he was ultimately given the opportunity.

During his summer and winter holidays at Cornell University, Smith continued to work at Bell Labs while pursuing his chemical engineering degree.

He worked as an engineer for a number of prestigious businesses after receiving his degree from Cornell, including Kraft General Foods, where he was awarded two patents in the United States and two more in Europe. He then went on to receive his MBA with honors from Columbia Business School.

Robert started out in New York and then relocated to Silicon Valley when he joined Goldman Sachs in 1994 to assist in the development of more strong investment banking in technology.

He rose to the position of Co-Head of Enterprise Systems and Storage, where he supported the mergers and acquisitions of big technology firms including Hewlett-Packard, IBM, eBay, and Apple.

At Goldman Sachs in San Francisco, he was the first employee to concentrate on that particular sector of funding.

From 1994 through 2000, Goldman Sachs

Smith was hired by Goldman Sachs in 1994 to serve as Co-Head of Enterprise Systems and Storage.

During his six years there, he oversaw $50 billion in merger and acquisition (M&A) deals for the financial institution’s portfolio of technology firms, which included Apple, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, eBay, and Yahoo.

Smith, who had previously called New York City home, relocated there in 1997 in order to launch Goldman’s M&A division in Silicon Valley. Smith was prepared to start his own investing company in 2000.

CEO, and Chairman of Vista Equity Partners

Robert F. Smith established Vista Equity Partners in 2000 to finance innovation in business software and technological advancements.

He now leads Vista as Chairman and CEO, overseeing the company’s strategy, governance, and investor relations.

As the most active investor in the software sector, according to Berkery Noyes, Vista launched an office in Austin, Texas, in 2011.

For his financial savvy and leadership abilities, Smith was named by Forbes as one of the 100 Greatest Living financial Minds in 2017.

Robert F. Smith is present for the New York Stock Exchange’s Ping Identity IPO bell-ringing.

The table below lists the top 10 black Americans by wealth in 2023, along with each person’s net worth and income sources.

Name Net worth (2023) Source of income
Robert F. Smith $8 billion Business (Vista Equity Partners)
David Steward $6 billion Business (World Wide Technology)
Jay-Z $2.5 billion Rapper
Michael Jordan $2 billion NBA Player
Alex Karp $1.4 billion Business (Palantir Technologies)
LeBron James $1 billion NBA Player
Tiger Woods $1 billion Golf
Tyler Perry $1 billion Film Director
Magic Johnson $620 million NBA Player
Junior Bridgeman $600 million NBA Player

The 10 Richest Black Men in America in 2023

Tell us a little bit more about the top ten black Americans with the highest net worth in 2023.

1. Robert F. Smith

The most wealthy Black American, Robert Frederick Smith is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Vista Equity Partners.

He was raised in a middle-class household and built his money entirely via successful investing. Smith is not just a millionaire; he is also a well-known philanthropist who has given millions of dollars to good causes.

2. David Steward

World Wide Technology, one of the biggest companies owned by African Americans in America, is run by David Steward.

David is one of the wealthiest black people not just in America but also globally. His net worth is an exasperating $6 billion as of 2023.

David experienced severe hardship and discrimination; he owes his entire wealth to his business venture.

3. Jay-Z

The rapper, businessman, and record producer known as Jay-Z was born Shawn Corey Carter. He is recognized for helping musicians like Rihanna and Kanye West achieve commercial success.

In addition to having a great career as a musician, Jay-Z also attributes his enormous $2.5 billion net worth to his business endeavors. He is married to the musician Beyoncé, and they have three kids together.

4. Michael Jordan

One of the greatest basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan is known to his followers as Air Jordan and His Airness.

He is the richest basketball player and one of the wealthiest black men in the United States and the rest of the world, with a net worth of $2 billion.

His outstanding basketball abilities and lucrative commercial pursuits have increased his net worth.

5. Alex Karp

As the co-founder and CEO of the software company Palantir Technologies, Alex Karp has risen to the status of American business billionaire.

His net worth is estimated to be 1.4 billion dollars as of 2023. Alex began his career as an investor when he invested startup capital and stock proceeds from his grandfather’s estate.

His mother is African-American and his father is Jewish.

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6. LeBron James

One of the best basketball players today, LeBron James is frequently compared to the legendary Michael Jordan.

He is one of the wealthiest black people and the richest NBA player with a net worth of $1 billion. James is also the first NBA player to have a net worth of $1 billion while actively participating in the league.

His supporters refer to him as “King James.”

7. Tiger Woods

American golfer and multibillionaire Tiger Woods is known for setting a number of records. He is regarded as one of history’s best golfers as well.

Some of the few golfing records under Woods’ name include most weeks as the number one player, most weeks overall, and youngest Grand Slam champion.

8. Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is a comedian most known for creating the real-life comedy character Madea, which is based on his mother and aunt.

Perry was included among the 100 most influential people in 2020 by Time magazine. He is the wealthiest black comedian in the country with a net worth of $1 billion.

9. Magic Johnson

Former basketball star Earvin Johnson Jr., also known as Magic Johnson, is one of the wealthiest black people in America.

His anticipated net worth for 2023 is $620 million. Johnson is not just one of the best NBA players ever; he is also a thriving businessman, philanthropist, broadcaster, and motivational speaker.

When he was just 15 and played basketball for his school, he acquired the nickname Magic.

10. Junior Bridgeman

One of the richest former athletes in the world, Ulysses Lee Bridgeman, also known as Junior Bridgeman, is a successful businessman and former basketball star.

Instead of playing basketball, his successful business career has contributed to his $600 million net worth. Bridgeman, a former Milwaukee Bucks player, is presently the publisher of Ebony and Jet magazines.



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