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Ethiopian Airlines: History and Flights Destinations


Ethiopian Airlines, despite its modest origins, has enjoyed more than 75 years of profitable travel, making it the top aviation group in Africa.

The national airline of Ethiopia is Ethiopian Airlines (ET), which was established in 1945.

The government owns the airline in its entirety. The Bole International Airport (ADD) in Addis Abe serves as the organization’s operational hub.

Twenty other airlines and Ethiopian Airlines have codeshare agreements. The airline offers service to more than 90 foreign cities in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, North America, and South America in addition to roughly 20 domestic destinations.

Modern Airbus, Boeing, and Bombardier aircraft make up the majority of the airline’s fleet. These aircraft are outfitted with Business Class (marketed as Cloud Nine) and Economy Class cabins.

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History of Ethiopian Airlines

In 1946, Ethiopian began operations with five C-47 aircraft and launched its first flight to Cairo through Asmara.

Since then, it has expanded rapidly and kept bringing in cutting-edge aviation equipment and technology.

As a forerunner in aviation technology, Ethiopian was instrumental in introducing new aircraft types to Africa, including the first jet and the B767, B777-200LR, B787 Dreamliner, and 787-9.

Ethiopian took the lead in running the first Airbus A350 XWB in Africa. The airline now has a fleet of more than 144 contemporary aircraft, with an average age of five years. Additionally, 31 ultramodern aircraft are currently on order.

Ethiopian has built transcontinental and pan-African air connection networks that connect its major hub Addis Abeba to the rest of the globe, living up to its slogan of “Bringing Africa Together and Beyond.”

The airline operates daily and numerous flights with a minimum stopover at Addis to 131 international passenger and cargo destinations, including 63 African towns.

Ethiopian, a seasoned airline with a sizable intra-African network, flies to more locations on the continent than any other carrier.

Ethiopian has developed a more ambitious strategy roadmap named Vision 2035 to support its ongoing growth after exceeding its 15-year strategic plan, Vision 2025, earlier than expected.

With the addition of Ethiopian to Star Alliance, the largest airline network in the world, in December 2011, Ethiopian made a significant advancement in its successful path.

The multi-award-winning airline has accumulated a long list of prestigious honors and awards over the years.

They include Four-Star Airline Certification from Skytrax, the Best Airline in Africa title for five years running, and the Overall Excellence for Outstanding Crisis Leadership Award in 2020, to name just a few.

Averaging a 25% growth rate in the seven years preceding to the COVID-19 epidemic, Ethiopian has built on its history of success.

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Travel comfortably and promptly with Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines has the largest route network in all of Africa, serving more than 58 destinations across more than 100 international airports on five continents.

These include Addis Abeba, Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro, Nosy Be, and the Seychelles, which are the travel hotspots for European tourists.

London, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Frankfurt am Main, and Ethiopian Airlines all offer nonstop flights to Addis Abeba.

Due to the nighttime nature of the journey from Frankfurt am Main, you arrive in Addis Abeba in the early morning and have plenty of time to make any necessary connections.

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The fleet of Ethiopian Airlines is one of the newest in the world and also the youngest in all of Africa. This indicates that the average age of the aircraft is less than five years.

In October 2017, the airline became the first in Africa to fly the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. You may choose from a wide range of services provided by Ethiopian Airlines both on board and off. Including:

Since October 2007, Ethiopian Airlines has been a Miles & More partner. This implies that all normal Ethiopian Airlines (ET) flights are eligible to earn awards and status miles.

Spending miles is also quite straightforward. You may quickly swap your accumulated miles for desirable prizes.

dependable, customer-focused, and contemporary The most popular airline in Ethiopia is Ethiopian Airlines. For its services, Ethiopian Airlines has already received a number of honors.

Numerous locations in Africa, the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East are served by it. Take a cue from one of Africa’s cutting-edge airlines!


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