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Meet Africa’s First Woman in Space’ Egypt’s Sara Sabry


Sara Sabry is an Egyptian-Lebanese engineer, astronaut, businesswoman, and the founder and CEO of the non-profit Deep Space Initiative.

She was born on May 23, 1993. Her most notable accomplishment was becoming the first Egyptian, Arab, and African woman to travel into space.

Sabry became the first female Egyptian Analog Astronaut in 2021 when she took part as the crew medical officer in a simulation of an Analog Moon trip.

Sabry became the first Egyptian, Arab, and African woman to travel to space in 2022 after being chosen from 7,000 foreign applications to take part in the Space for Humanity Citizen Astronaut Program.

She took off on the Blue Origin NS-22 voyage on August 4, 2022, traveling 107 kilometers (66 miles) into space above sea level.

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Technology, spaceflight, and entrepreneurship

Sabry’s interest in the physics of the universe developed into a passion for space exploration during her academic and scientific endeavors.

As she transitioned into the workplace, she understood that the talents she had developed in academics and research were immediately transferrable.

Sabry was employed as the deputy CTO of a rapidly expanding digital business in Berlin that specializes in mobile apps for augmented reality right out of graduate school.

She managed teams of engineers and medical students to tackle specific Bioastronautics challenges while doing this full-time job, but she soon discovered how inaccessible the space sector was for someone like her.

Because of this, Sara Sabry established the Deep Space Initiative (DSI), a nonprofit group that aspires to promote accessibility in the space industry by facilitating deep space travel for all Humanity.

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More Africans in space, according to Sara Sabry

The FIRST female astronaut from Africa, Sara Sabry, wants to see more Africans in space.

As part of efforts to further the continent’s socioeconomic transition, Sara Sabry, the first African woman in space, has urged for regional and international initiatives to enable more Africans to join in space exploration.

“I don’t believe space should be such a closed community. Being the first at something means opening the way for others to come after, according to Sabry.

“It’s critical that #Africa participate in space exploration and have a seat at the table. The population in space must be representative of Earth’s population.

Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, President of the #AfricanDevelopmentBank Group, referred to Sara Sabry as an influence while speaking at the TED-style event.

“As a young scientist from Africa, you inspire optimism that despite the odds, #youngpeople can travel to space.

Women can do what males can do, as is frequently said, but in my opinion, women are superior at it, Adesina stated.

Sabry emphasized the need for Africans to seek space flight. She stated that it was crucial for Africa to develop its space technology capabilities and take control of the situation.

Satellite technology, according to experts, has the potential to significantly improve weather forecasting, agriculture, navigation, banking, and online education in quickly emerging African nations.


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